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The load of fabric for vertical blinds is 127mm. 8 UAH/pcs.

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Доступны к заказу утяжелители для жалюзи 127мм и 89мм.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Комплектация для ламелей

Vertical tissue blinds is a very popular means of sunscript for the office, school, kindergarten or other institutions with large window openings. Vertical blinds in schools are quite actively operated and periodically lamellas can be damaged. Often, the fabrics remain in perfect condition, and individual components can be damaged. Consider the option of breaking the cargo of lamella and how to properly replace them.

We will analyze what is 127mm loading of fabric and why it is needed in vertical blinds

The load of the fabric serves for the weight of tissue lamellas and their connection with each other, lamellas with weights hang exactly vertically down and do not dangle with gusts of wind. It is necessary to connect the lamellas to form a whole fabric canvas, in which the curtain tightly closes the window.

A load of fabric for blinds is a plastic part with a special wedge in the lower part and ears in the upper part, the ears are used to connect all the goods together. The goods are connected using a special lower connecting circuit, for these purposes, fasteners are on each load on two sides, for which the chain is fixed. The connecting circuit is a chain with special locks, clamps cling to cargo, so that the chain holds the entire product.

So, now that we have figured out what fabric loads are and why they are needed, we will consider how to replace weights in vertical blinds.

Before replacing goods, it is necessary to determine which blinds you have installed and based on this order new goods for vertical blinds. In order to determine the type of blinds, it is enough to measure the width of the fabric stripes, they come in two options 89mm or 127mm width, depending on the width of the lamellas, it is necessary to order goods of the corresponding width. The rest of the goods are universal products and are suitable for all types of blinds with lamellas of the desired width, which means even if you want to buy a load of fabric separately, it is definitely suitable for your curtains and can easily be installed in the lamellas.

The cargo of the fabric itself is quite a strong product and it is almost impossible to break it by chance, not to mention the side ears that are its weak place and a rather fragile element of the structure. If, nevertheless, several cargoes have become unusable, consider how to replace tissue weighting in vertical blinds.

The following procedure should be performed to replace the cargo of lamellas:

  1. Determine the width of the lamella;
  2. view how many cargoes are damaged and require replacement, it is necessary to inspect the goods on both sides, since the ears for fixing are on both sides of the cargo and, when examined on one side, you can not notice damage to the other.
  3. After we have exactly determined how many cargoes require a replacement, it is also necessary to check the lower circuit that connects the loads with each other, there are special mounts on the chain that clings to the side ears in the cargo and if the loads were damaged, the lower chain could also be damaged.
  4. Now that we know the amount of cargo, their width and checked the chain, it is necessary to order the required amount of cargo of lamellas, which will be enough for the repair of the product.
  5. After the new loads and chain are received, we proceed to the replacement. We recommend replacing the lower chain with a new one because the old has already lost part of the strength during operation and can be quite fragile. The new chain, like goods, will be able to increase the life of the blinds and save you from the need to re -buy a chain and replace it in case of product breakdown.
  6. Disconnect the chain from the goods that require replacement (disconnected on both sides). If you have purchased a new chain, then you can unhook the old completely from the entire product.
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  10. After we released the goods, it is required to pull them out of the lamellas, for this it is enough to pull the cargo to the side and it easily gets up to freeze in the lamellas.
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  12. Now you should insert a new cargo, when installing cargoes, the ears for fastening the chain should be at the top relative to the product, when the lamellas are closed, the chain sags a little with each other and with such installation, it will not fall below the fabric.
  13. Now that the goods are installed in place, it remains to connect them using the lower circuit, there are special hooks on the chain, which are easily fixed for the side ears of the cargo. The order in which you will connect the goods does not matter, the main thing is to clarify them all without missing hooks.
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  16. Now that the new goods are on the spot and are held by the chain, you can check the work of the product, no more action is required, the blinds are ready to work.
  17. Pay attention, when replacing goods and lower chain, it is not required to dismantle the cornice or individual lamellas, replacement is made on the finished product and does not require special skills.

    Also, when installing the lower circuit, it does not have to be cut into two parts, the chain can be not cut. This does not affect the number of necessary hooks to connect the blinds.

    Vertical blinds with 127mm lamps are the most popular products for schools and kindergartens, as well as in the form of office blinds. Therefore, we offer to buy a load of fabric for the repair of vertical blinds at a bargain price, because we are a manufacturer of curtains and blinds, and also supply components for their repair throughout Ukraine.

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