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Cord cargo with a metal weighting

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Груз шнура для вертикальных жалюзи с металлом. Применяется для жалюзи с ламелями 127мм и 89мм на всех видах карнизов.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds are a universal means of sunscript, which is perfect for all types of interior. For example, the blinds for the school is light lamellas with a dust -repellent coating that allows you to provide an attractive appearance of the curtains for a long time. The minimum of dust also simplifies curtain care, which is especially important in offices and schools where a large number of people are in the same office. In addition to office premises, vertical blinds are easily mounted at home, for example, in the bedroom or in the hall. Thanks to a wide range of fabrics, you can easily choose a fabric with the desired shade and texture for your home. The classic option is considered to be a blind with a 127mm lamella width, but if you do not want an official appearance of the product too much, you can consider a 89 mm lamella option. Products with narrow lamellas look more interesting, fabrics have bright shades and are well suitable for working rooms or in a home environment.

If the monophonic vertical blinds look too officially diversified by alternating lamellas from different fabrics, for example, if the product is mounted on a large opening, you can create the effect of classic curtains this is carried out using light Lamelia in the middle of the blinds and darker up to brown fabrics along the edges.

Vertical blinds 89mm allow you to create multi-texture products from several types of fabric in one lamella. Cartoi textured blinds relate to the premium segment, as they have an unusual appearance and differ in cost from classical blinds. But when creating a cartoon of texture, you yourself can choose the fabrics from which it will be collected thereby getting unique blinds, which are not anywhere else.

Our online store presents all types of components for vertical blinds with 127mm and 89mm lamps, as well as components for multi-textured products. In addition to components, we also produce finished products in individual sizes, for this go to the page Vertical blinds to calculate and order a finished product.

On this page is a string of the cord with metal. Such weighting agents create a control cord tension and prevent it from getting confused when managing vertical blinds. The metal load has a large tension, thereby ensuring the quality of the products, regardless of size.

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