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Cargo fabric for vertical blinds 89mm

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Утяжелитель ткани для вертикальных жалюзи с шириной ламелей 89мм. Груз без металла внутри. Применяется для всех видов ламелей 89мм.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds are used everywhere both in schools and office premises, and in a home environment. But sometimes classic wide blinds with 127mm lamps look too officially, there is an alternative option, vertical blinds with 89mm lamps. Narrow lamels create an unusual appearance and have a large spectrum of bright shades that allow you to make variety to the home interior. The 127mm blinds seem more official to their background, because most of the 127mm tissues are represented in light colors that do not distract people from work and from training, and are also well suited for the bedroom and rest rooms. In turn, 89mm are brighter and look good in offices or in the working rooms, they create a noble environment and look non -standard compared to wider lamels. Also, 89mm blinds are more often ordered complete with a decorative lining (stove) on the cornice. Thanks to the stern, the cornice is closed with a cloth and looks like a whole product of the same color. If necessary, the sterful can be ordered from other fabric, which will be contrasting to allocate the curtain.

Vertical blinds 89mm, as well as 127mm, consist of similar components, including a load of fabric, which can be broken with inaccurate handling. More precisely, the load itself is quite durable, and its side ears, which are fixed by the lower chain, can be accidentally broken off. Such a load must be replaced, with a new one, consider how to properly replace the load for lamella 89mm.

  • If the loads are damaged by the blinds, make sure how many new cargoes are required, and whether the entire lower chain remains, as it can be damaged with cargo and also requires replacement. If the chain dangles next to the blinds and does not fix all the lamellas, this does not mean that it is precisely the load of the fabric, the chain itself has special hooks, and they can fly or damage.
  • Now that you have been convinced how many new goods you need to replace, just buy a load of fabric for lamellas with a width of 89mm.
  • Disconnect the damaged loads from the connecting circuit and remove it from the lamellas. Now that the lamellas are free, install new goods and fix them with a chain.
  • in case of damage to the chain, on our site you can order the lower circuit for lamella 89mm. Since the chain is ordered, it is necessary to calculate its length, it is very simple to do it. Calculate the number of lamellas, multiply it by 2 and divide it by 9. We multiply in order for the chain to be on both sides of the product, and divide because in 1 meter of the chain 9 hooks for lamellas. Thus, you will receive a chain with the required number of hooks to combine all the lamellas.
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