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A sterry, decorative overlap on the cornice for vertical blinds

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Декоративная накладка на карниз. Применяется для вертикальных жалюзи с шириной ламелей 127мм и 89мм.
Механизмы для вертикальных жалюзи Популярное

Vertical blinds are a multifunctional product that is perfect for various types of interior. But conditionally it can be divided into two types, classic blinds that are used in offices and kindergartens, or a premium segment that looks much more interesting, but also their cost is comparable to expensive curtains.

The classic version of the blinds involves the use of lamella 127mm from the average price segment. This is due to the fact that all fabrics for vertical blinds are made of 100% polyester with dust -repellent impregnations, therefore, in functional fabric from budget and expensive segments, there will be no significant differences. But premium fabrics are distinguished by unusual texture and drawings, as well as brighter shades. For offices and schools, such blinds are practically not used because bright colors on the windows distract attention from work and study, fabrics of light shades are often selected that will not attract attention.

Classical vertical blinds are so popular that when they look at them, a feeling of office room immediately arises. To get rid of this effect, while using the functionality of vertical blinds, other types of fabrics are used that visually look different and the curtains are incomparably different from the classic version. So what is this fabric? These include lamps with a width of 89mm, they are narrower and look different on the product, and also have brighter shades compared to 127 lamellas. Narrow blinds come out a little more expensive, but since the same size of curtains requires more narrow lamella, which means a larger amount of fabric, which in itself increases the cost of the product.

also so that the blinds can be unique to equip them with special decorative lining (valance). The pad is installed on the cornice and closes it with a cloth, this creates the impression of a holistic picture and visually hides the mechanisms. Such linings are often not used, although their cost is insignificant compared to the price of the blinds, and the appearance of the product is radically changing.

One of the types of vertical blinds is the multi-factory system, which is equipped with special two-tone lamellas, and is also equipped with a decorative lining on the cornice. Such blinds are mounted in private offices and working rooms, as well as in a home office or are suitable for interiors with the presence of metal and stone, which corresponds to modern trends in the arrangement of the interior. Multi-facultic blinds allow you to create a unique pattern or arch and other geometric shapes on the product. To create such blinds, it is necessary to choose a combination of fabrics that will be used in the product, as well as the shape of the picture. It is worth considering a small nuance, for the proper operation of the blinds it is required to connect all the lamellas using the lower connecting circuit, which means that if the vertical blinds are made in the form of an arch, the lower circuit should also connect the lamellas so that they do not talk when opening and closing the blinds. Accordingly, the angle of inclination of the arch is limited to the ability to combine lamellas and perform drawings with sharp corners is not recommended.

the result

Vertical blinds can be divided into a classic version and premium segment, such products can be easily applied both in the office and in a private office with a large amount of wood and blinds will not look " cheap". Also, vertical blinds are a universal product, when malfunctions in one of its parts, you can easily replace almost any spare parts without the need to buy a new product, and thanks to individual cloth lamellas, only lamella or part of its components, for example, a hanger or a hanger, or part of them. The weight and even in case of a complete replacement of the lamella, it is enough to order only the fabric with a sewn hanger and the weight can be rearranged from the damaged part. Thanks to such universality, the blinds have earned their place in offices and schools because it is in such institutions that any other curtains will not last a long time and do not provide all the necessary advantages compared to vertical blinds.

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