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Runner in the cornice for vertical blinds

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Vertical blinds is one of the popular types of sunscrates for schools and offices, thanks to special tissues with dusting antibacterial impregnation, blinds do not require frequent care and do not collect dust, which is very important for rooms with large the number of people. The popularity of vertical blinds is due to many factors, what are the advantages of the installation of vertical blinds to school:

  1. easily close large window openings.
  2. do not obscure the room, instead the sun's rays gently dissipate, removing glare from the screens of monitors.
  3. Thanks to many separate lamellas, the blinds easily pass the air and do not interfere with the ventilation of the room.
  4. fabrics for vertical blinds are processed with dusting compounds, so that the fabric remains new for a long time.
  5. blinds consist of many separate components, which are easy to replace separately without the need to order a new product. This allows you to save on maintenance.
  6. Vertical blinds have a favorable cost compared to other products in the parameter price per square meter.
  7. The alternative to the cost for vertical blinds is horizontal, if we proceed from inexpensive lamellas, for example, the cost of horizontal and vertical blinds will be similar. But vertical blinds have greater strength relative to horizontal ones, tissue lamellas do not think and are replaced separately in case of damage. Therefore, for a school or a kindergarten, vertical blinds are an ideal sunscreen with the possibility of simple repair.

    The design of vertical blinds is quite simple, consider the main elements:

    1. cornice - consists of an aluminum profile in which the runners and the product management mechanism are located. Runners are a product with which the lamellas move along the cornice, and also rotate around their axis. The mechanism, in turn, allows you to control the product using a cord and a special chain, the chain turns the lamellas, and the cord moves them, opening and closing the window.
    2. Lameli is the fabric stripes that move along the cornice, the lamellas are fixed into the cornice using special holders (hangers) and weighted by cargo. The goods, in turn, are interconnected to ensure the integrity of the product and the synchronous work of all lamellas.
    3. Fixing elements - in case of installation in the ceiling for fixation, special ceiling clips are used, if the installation is made on the wall, then special wall brackets are supplied to the clips that hold the blinds on the wall. The brackets can be equipped with extension cords to increase the distance between the wall and fabric, this is necessary if the lamellas cling to the windowsill, or to heating radiators.
    4. the result

      Vertical blinds is an ideal option for use in educational institutions and offices. They are difficult to damage, and even in case of repair, it is not required to replace the entire product, but it is enough to replace some components. The range of fabrics has about 500 shades and textures that allows you to choose blinds, both for bright work rooms and in a home interior with bright shades. In our online store you can buy components for vertical blinds, cornices assembly, as well as finished products at a profitable price.

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