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Roller curtain chain castle Standard

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Замок цепи для системы Besta Standart белого цвета. Применяется для соединения цепи управления в рулонных шторах и день-ночь на системах стандарт.
Система Besta UNI

Rolled curtains on the Standard system are a variety of open curtains with visible mechanisms. The standard system has an enhanced chain in view of the enlarged mechanism, as well as metal brackets. Such additions are due to the use of a system for installing curtains on large window openings, the standard system is used on curtains from 150cm and can withstand the weight of all tissues, including functional.

Functional fabrics, these are special types of fabrics that have special capabilities, for example, fabrics flick with a special rubberized layer, such fabrics allow you to achieve 100% darkening in the room, since they do not miss Sunny rays, but the fabric on the rubberized base also has a large weight, therefore, to fix it, especially on large windows in the office or in the cinema, the standard system is used.

Rolled curtains of the standard are equipped with enhanced mechanisms and fixation elements that are capable of prolonged work under increased loads. In addition, enlarged mechanisms require the use of a large control circuit and with it the corresponding circuit connector.

The chain in the system of nuclear curtains should be looped, since when controling the curtain, the chain turns the mechanism. Since curtains can be of different heights, the chain for them should also be of different lengths, which means that it must be cut off the desired length. Now that the chain is cut off must be installed in the mechanism and connect. The circuit is connected using a special connector, when trying to open the curtain, the task of the connector withstand the load and not allow the chain to disconnect.

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