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Set of mechanisms for rolled curtains Standart 35

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Механизм для ролет Мини с цепочкой. Страна производитель - Польша.В комплект входит:Кронштейн-2 шт.Заглушка кронштейна декоративная -2 шт.Шестеренки-2шт. Механизм с цепочкой -1 шт.Заглушка трубы-1 шт.
Система Besta Standart 35

Rolled curtains are a modern means of sunscript, which are designed for all types of windows of the correct geometric shape.

options for systems for rolled curtains

Systems for roller curtains can conditionally be divided into an open and closed type, closed systems are a certain cassette in which the mechanism and shaft with a fabric are hidden, that is, all the details of the systems are closed from views , closed systems are often installed on window sash or on small openings. Also, cassette systems are additionally equipped with aluminum guides flat or P-shaped. Thanks to this design, the curtain creates, looks compactly and imperceptibly, when opening, the fabric neatly lowers the protective box and closes the light opening. Cassette systems are quite strong, the fabric in them is protected, so they found their application not only in the home interior, but also in the bathroom or kitchen where the environment of increased pollution. The curtain can be washed into the box, and it will not get dirty for the time of cooking.

Open systems are not protected by the box, but have their advantages. For example, open mini -open systems are designed for installation on separate wings, they are well suited both in the bedroom and in the living room, as well as for installation on the balcony or loggia. The mechanisms and shaft in such systems are open, that is, visually you can see a shaft with a fabric and is wound as a curtain. At the same time, open systems allow you to mount curtains not only on separate sash, but also on openings, as well as on large facade glazing. For this, systems with enhanced mechanisms are used, such as the standard 25 and 35.

Consider the standard 35 system, it is mounted at gas stations and in shopping centers, as well as in schools and state institutions. The standard 35 system allows you to install curtains with a width of more than 150 cm and holds fabrics of all types including functional and with 100% darkening.

options for installing rolled curtains

Rolled curtains in the standard version are installed on separate sash, so it is easy to control the flow of sunlight, in the room opening partially different curtains. Also, if necessary, you can close the entire opening entirely, it looks very beautiful, but not always practical. For example, if there are detachments behind the curtain, to open the sash will have to be completely opened and the curtain, this option causes inconvenience to some people. With individual curtains, such difficulties do not arise on each sash.

fabrics for rolled curtains

Rolled curtains have a very extensive range of fabrics, in addition to various shades and textures, a series of functional fabrics are also presented on the site, they allow you to achieve special effects on the windows. For example, classic fabrics are made of 100% polyester, they have a different level of light permeability, but often pass sunlight so that with closed curtains, the room remains illuminated. The curtains dissipate sunlight, removing straight sunlight and glare from the screens of technology. But if you need to completely block the lighting in the room, especially with a hot summer day, for such purposes, functional fabrics with a blackout effect are used, it is a fabric on a rubberized basis, which blocks the sun's rays 100% and allows you to create complete darkness in the room. Such fabrics are used in the bedroom, where daytime sleep is required, or in office rooms with projectors, as well as in cinemas.

In addition to the Blacaut series, special thermo tissues are also presented on the site, which reflect sunny heat from the windows, thereby reducing the temperature inside the room. A series of aqua of fabric, which is not affected by moisture, can be washed and the fabric for a long time will withstand even potent agents, such fabrics are used in hospitals and private rooms, as well as in some cases in the kitchen. And one of the very varieties of curtains is the Screen series, it is a fabric of PVC and polyester and variable permeability, such fabrics allow you to see what is outside the room, but overlap the eyes inside, thereby ensuring privacy. You could see such fabrics at gas stations or in offices on the lower floors, office staff can observe what is happening on the street and they do not create the effect of a closed space, in turn, the curtains close their eyes from the street by creating a comfortable working environment.

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