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Black-shaped plug

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Заглушки для П-образных направляющих белого цвета. Применяется в системах закрытого типа Besta UNI-П. Заглушки закрывают нижнюю часть направляющей. Используются как декоративный элемент.
Система UNI-П

Rolled curtains are products that are used for sun protection, as well as interior decoration. All systems are made by individual sizes, so each curtain is ideal for windows and does not require additional improvements, just order the finished product and install it on the windows.

Rolled curtains are conditionally divided into two types of products: open and closed, consider both options in more detail.

An open type is a simple design and a compact version of the curtain. Components provide reliability and simplicity of installation. The main difference between the open -type curtains is the absence of a box with guides. The fabric is open on the shaft and is visible to the naked look. To fix the product, a string system or magnet system is used. Often the open system is mounted on sash or small window openings. A wide variety of open -type systems allows you to install curtains not only on sash, but also on the ceiling and large windows.

Closed curtains differ in the presence of an aluminum protective box with guides. The box hides a shaft with a fabric and mechanisms, thereby protecting the curtain from dust and other contaminants. Closed systems, in addition to practical function, are delivered in different colors and look quite concise, so such systems are mounted not only on classic metal -plastic windows, but also on the windows of the premium segment, for this there are various options for coloring the box: white, brown, gold oak, gold, golden oak Walnut, mahon. Which allows you to mount roller curtains on windows with lamination under a tree and the system will not stand out against the background of windows, but only supplement them. The closed system is divided into two types with flat and P-shaped guides. Flat guides do not require additional accessories because they are tightly adjacent to the window frame, and the P-shaped are equipped with special plugs that are installed in the lower part of the guide and hide the edge and give an aesthetic appearance to the guide. Also, plugs are a kind of limiter so that the fabric does not fall below the length of the guides, in the system with flat guides of the height limiter is the lower stalking windows, which does not allow the fabric to drop lower, and the P-shaped system can be installed on the wall and, accordingly, in the form of limiters, can be Only the tanks of the guides.

Also on our website, belt sets for repairing roller curtains and finished products for individual sizes are presented. From us you can order rolled curtains and a day or a day, as well as horizontal and vertical blinds, Roman curtains and protective rollers.

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