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The back of the lower bar mini is white

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Заглушка нижней планки для системы MINI белого цвета. Используются комплектом из 2х штук.
Система Besta MINI

Open-type roller curtains are a good product for decorating small windows and individual wings.

the design of the system is very compact and deprived of disadvantages, the package includes only the necessary parts for fixing and managing the product, while the curtain remains completely functional and performs the necessary functions, namely the sun protection and Interior decoration. Depending on the chosen fabric, the roller curtain can be neutral for the office in a strict official style, as well as bright for variety in the home interior. Due to its multifunctionality, roller curtains gained their popularity in Europe, and moved to other countries. The range of fabrics for rolled curtains has more than 1000 varieties of fabric, which differs not only externally, but also functionally.

Fabric for roller curtains is made of 100% polyester, because this material has all the necessary properties for sunscree and resistance to burnout. The fabrics are additionally covered with special dusting impregnations, which do not allow the canvas to accumulate dust and greatly simplify the curtains, it is enough to wipe the fabric with a damp sponge to remove dust from the surface and the fabric will be new.

Fabrics for roller curtains are divided into functional and classic options. Classic fabrics have a partial darling of about 30-60%, this allows you to choose curtains that will not obscure the room too much and you can keep them closed to maintain privacy. Such fabrics can be of different shades and textures, have a cramped or completely monophonic. Often, among classic fabrics, you can easily choose an option for any type of interior, but if the curtain should have functional features, there are special fabric series for this. For example, Blacaut fabric is made of polyester on a rubberized basis and completely blocks the sun's rays, such a fabric creates 100% darkening in the room and is often used in cinemas, or offices with a projector, as well as other rooms where it is necessary to get a dimming in the daytime. Also, the functional fabrics include a thermo series with heat protection, on the outside of such fabrics there is a reflective coating that passes sunlight, but reflects heat. Fabrics for rolled curtains cannot be washed, because they are special impregnations, so special series are developed that can be completely rubbed, so such fabrics are installed in hospitals and other rooms where daily wet cleaning is required.

The roller curtain consists of a shaft with a fabric and additional accessories, which includes brackets and mechanisms. In the lower part of the fabric is a special weighting agent, the edges of which are closed with plugs. The weighting agent creates an effort on the fabric, so it does not hang out and is always in a stretched state, so the roll curtain looks like a flat thin canvas.

The side plugs on the lower bar are closed with the edges of the weighting plan, and there are special holes inside the plugs for fixing the rings on the string, using the string system inside the plugs, special rings are installed through which The fishing line passes and fixes the lower part of the product.

fixation for rolled curtains

Fabric rolls can be additionally equipped with special guide fishing lines that fix the fabric and do not allow the curtains to dangle with strong winds or on rotary-oatmeal sashes. When using fixation, a special string is fixed in the upper part, and in the lower tensioner, which will hold the fishing line in a stretched state. The fixation procedure occurs using a fishing line, which passes from the top of the cornice through the lower weight and is fixed with a special tensioner. The string is the most effective means of fixation, but there are alternative options in the form of magnets. The magnetic system includes several neodymium magnets, which are fixed on the lower weighting bar and are primed to special retaliatory parts on the window frame. Magnetic fixation is not visible on the curtains, since it is located on the outside of the rollete, but there are also disadvantages, such a system holds the curtain only in a completely closed state, and if the fabric partially open the magnets, because they cannot be fixed on the window.

In our online production, components for rolled curtains are presented, which allow repairing curtains with your own hands, as well as ready-made sunscreen systems, including horizontal and vertical blinds, roller curtains and day- Night on individual sizes for all types of windows.

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