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Chain Besta, gold oak

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Цепь управления для рулонных штор на системах Besta цвет золотой дуб. Применяется к системам Mini а также UNI и UNI-П. Поставляется в метрах погонных.
Система Besta MINI

Rolled curtains are a compact sunscreen, which is used both in classic and modern interiors. The mini system is often used for installation on separate sashs of deaf or rotary-oxide, as well as on small window openings. The main advantage of the mini system is the ability to leave a free window sill and install products on separate small wings, thereby adjust the light flow separately on each window. Rolled curtains can be divided into two main types, open and closed, we will consider them in more detail.

Open roll curtains - allow you to mount products on any surface, whether it is separate sash or wall and ceiling. And thanks to a wide selection of fabrics, you can easily choose products for all types of interiors for home and office. In the home interior, curtains with texture and cramped, as well as in some cases, monophonic canvases are well suited. For offices, on the contrary, plain fabrics will be preferable, since they look more strictly and gently dissipate the sun's rays. In addition to the variety of fabrics, systems may also differ in configuration and colors. The most popular open system is a mini, because it is an ideal combination between price and quality. The mini system in the classic version is supplied in white, it is a universal color for most of the metal -plastic windows, on which such types of products are mounted. But there are also options when the curtain is mounted on a plastic window, while the window frame is laminated in the color of the tree, or in dark tones, for example, brown or gold oak. In this embodiment, you cannot use a white system because it will stand out on the windows and ruin the appearance of the windows. Therefore, for windows in the color of a gold oak or nut and a mahagon, special cornices are used that copy the color of the windows. Thanks to such a colors of accessories, the system merges with the window and does not stand out on it, this creates a single appearance that is perfect for modern interiors. Closed systems have similar properties that allow you to install cornices in the color of the gold oak, walnut and mahagon, but unlike open ones, the closed system also hides a shaft with a fabric, which allows the curtain to be almost invisible on the windows.

The equipment of roller curtains

The basis of all systems for rolled curtains is the fabric, because it plays the main role of sunscript, and all components around it are used to control the fabric or to fix it.

fabrics for roller curtains are made of 100% polyester and covered with special dusting impregnations, this greatly simplifies the curtain care, but also prohibits the washing of fabric, because it will be quite difficult put away. If it is necessary to clean the fabric, it is enough to open the curtain and wipe the fabric with a damp sponge. In addition to classic fabrics, functional fabrics with special properties are also represented on the site. Examples of such fabrics are blackout as well as thermo fabric and a series of aqua with moisture protection.

The Blackout series is used to completely diminish the room or part of it, the Blacaut fabric is also made of polyester, but is additionally located on a rubberized basis. Thanks to rubber, the fabric does not pass sunlight, and polyester gives the canvas the texture and color. Therefore, Blacaut fabrics look like roller curtains, but with a effect of 100% darkening.

Thermo fabric with a reflective effect is also used in roller curtains. Such fabrics reflect the sun's rays and allow you to maintain coolness in the room.

Aqua series, which resembles black-made tissue, because they also use rubber. But unlike the Blekut, the coating in them will be from all sides to achieve maximum protection against potent detergents.

Consider the options for using functional fabrics.

Blackout - used to darken the premises for example an office for a conference with a projector or windows inside the cinema.

fabrics from the thermo series - they pass the sun's rays, but they reflect excessive heat, so it is convenient to install thermo fabrics on balconies and in other places with a large number of windows. Thermo tissue can reduce the total temperature in the room, especially on the sunny side of the building.

On our website all types of components for roller curtains are presented, including the Golden Oak control circuit as well as mechanisms for mini-system systems, brackets and fixers. The site also presents other options for mechanisms for open and closed systems.

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