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Цепь управления для рулонных штор на системах Besta коричневого цвета. Поставляется по индивидуальным размерам в зависимости от высоты шторы, либо бабинами(опт.)
Система Besta MINI

Rolled curtains are a modern means of sun protection, which is also used to decorate the room. Thanks to a wide range of fabrics, it is easy to choose curtains for all types of interior. For offices and strict designs, in the Hai-Tek style, plain fabrics are well suited. And for the home interior, a great option would be to use fabrics with texture or with patterns. Also in the assortment there are floral motifs and the possibility of photo printing. Photopation allows you to use your own images for applying to curtains, this opens up the endless possibilities for decor, for example, in children's rooms you can print images of your favorite cartoon characters, and a type of nature or city landscape in the bedroom.

In addition to the variety of paintings, our website also presents a wide selection of systems and their colors. Therefore, if you have windows with lamination in brown color or under a tree with texture, it is possible to choose the color of the system similar to the coloring of the windows. The choice of options in white and brown color, as well as a gold oak with a texture of a tree, are presented. Therefore, you can always choose the color of the system and fabric in such a way that the curtain does not stand out on the windows, and laconically fits into the overall design.

The system of roller curtains consists of the following elements:

a shaft with a cloth - the fabric is placed on the curtains with a neat compact roll and, with a completely open curtain, the system is practically not noticeable. Often, systems are mounted on separate sash, which allows you to free up space on the windowsill. When installing on the opening, the fabric will close the wings and the windowsill, reducing access to the window. Also, during installation on the opening, the management of the sash is complicated, it is necessary to open the curtain in order to gain access to the management of the sash.

brackets and mechanisms - brackets are necessary to fix the product and may differ in various systems. Often plastic components are used, since the curtains are low and light enough. If it is required to close large light openings, either windows in offices or schools, reinforced systems with metal components for fixing the product are used. The mechanisms play the role of the rotation and fixation of the fabric, a special control circuit is used for rotation, and the fabric is fixed automatically, as soon as the fabric stops moving the mechanism automatically fixes it, not allowing to completely go down.

The fabric is in constant tension thanks to the lower weighting agent, the lower part of the fabric is pressed into it, this allows you to hold the curtain even without bends and also the weighting man allows you to create a slight force for uniform winding of the fabric on the shaft.

systems can conditionally be divided into open and closed.

open systems speak for themselves a shaft with fabric and mechanisms can be seen with a naked look. This is the most popular type of product that uses a quality mechanism and components.

Due to the absence of additional aluminum components, the cost of such products is lower than in closed products.

closed systems are equipped with an aluminum box inside, which is located fabric and mechanisms, as well as two guides. The box protects the fabric from damage and pollution, and also visually gives the curtains a complete look. The guides are also made of aluminum and perform several functions at once, they hide the edges of the fabric and remove the side lumenes between the window frame and fabric, this allows you to completely protect themselves from sunlight with fabrics of fabric and with classic tissue options improves the sun protection. The guides also play the role of fixation, the fabric always moves only in the plane of the guides and does not deviate from the window, which allows you to easily mount closed systems on rotary and oTKARDS, as well as attic windows at a slight angle.

For fixation in open systems, the "string" or "magnet" system is used. These systems play the role of fabric fixation, but do not hide the side gaps, so the guides will be more effective compared to them.

fastening of the string & ndash; It consists of a guide fishing line and a fixation system for it. In the string system, the lower bar for curtains is fixed using special corners, and will allow you to hold the string in a stretched state. In addition, the curtain is fixed in the window plane and does not move when opening the sash as well as on attic windows.

Magnetic fixation & ndash; Holds the canvas curtains using several neodymium magnets, which are fixed on the lower weighting bar. Several response parts are supplied to the magnets, so window frames are often made of plastic, aluminum or wood, with magnets, metal magnetic parts are required for which the curtains will be held on the window. Magnetic fixation is invisible and quite effective when using, the only drawback can be called the lack of fixation, if the curtains are not completely closed, since the fixation system is installed on the lower weighting bar, respectively, the response parts are attached to the lower part of the window on the frame and hold the curtain as soon as The lower bar reaches the level of fixers.

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