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Besta chain is white

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Цепь управления для рулонных штор на системах Besta белого цвета. Поставляется по индивидуальным размерам в зависимости от высоты шторы, либо бабинами(опт.)
Система Besta MINI

A chain for white roll curtains. It is used to control roll curtains on the mini, UNI and UNI-P system. When ordering the finished product, the chain is also equipped with a connector and two stroke limiters. The chain connector is required so that the chain can move in a circle and does not dangle. The move limiters must be used to stop the chain, thereby limiting the ability to promote a technical winding, or twist the fabric on the shaft. The move limiters are set by default for all finished products that are equipped with a control circuit.

The chain is a durable polyester cord on which special plastic balls are fixed. Thanks to this design, the circuit flows the control mechanism, thereby lowering and lifting the fabric.

The control circuit is a strong part of the structure, it does not ripe when managing the curtain and can serve for a long time. It is quite problematic to cut the chain, if this happened, it is necessary to make a lot of effort on the mechanism and, together with the chain, this way can be damaged by other elements of the curtain, for example, a mechanism or bracket.

how to replace the control circuit on roller curtains

If you have a control of the control circuit, you can order it separately and replace it yourself. For the replacement, it is necessary to determine the necessary length of the chain, this can be done in two ways - either measure the old chain that was previously installed on the curtain, or if the chain was lost, you can independently calculate the necessary length of the chain relative to the height of the fabric, it requires to measure the full height of the curtain in open form and in the case of rolled curtains (height -15cm x2) or day -night (height x2).

for example, if the height of the curtains is 65cm, then we take away 15 cm and multiply by 2, which means that the length of the chain for such a curtain is at least 100 cm. Please note that if the control circuit is too short, then when managing it will rest the connector into the mechanism and interfere with the opening of the curtains. Similarly, in the opposite case, if the chain is too long and the curtains are installed above the windowsill, the weighting of the chain will be below the fabric, and the window sill can touch. The chain for curtains for a day or a day is made an increased length, since the fabric in the system for a day or nich is located in two layers, it is required to make more speeds to fully open the curtain.

Now that we have determined the necessary chain length, we must order a new one. Keep in mind that the control circuit in different systems will differ, the mining circuit for the mini -mini system and UNI systems, and the chain from the “standard” curtains has a larger diameter of the balls, so it will not fit inside the min.


After you have received a new chain, you need to free the mechanism from the old one, for this, dismantle the shaft with a fabric and a mechanism from a window frame. To remove the shaft with a fabric, it is enough to pick up a screwdriver or a sharp object, the mounting of the gear inside the bracket and without effort to pull the shaft over itself, the shaft should easily leave the bracket. At the same time, the fasteners themselves are not required, we only need a mechanism.

we take out a mechanism, simply pulling it out of the shaft, the mechanisms do not turn inside the shaft to pull it out to pull without turning.

Now that you have only a mechanism in your hands, holding it out, pull out the old control circuit in any way. Remove from the old chain the limiters and connector.

Set a new chain, for this, put the edge of the chain on the gear inside the mechanism and turn it with your finger from you so that the chain is wound on the gear. After the chain has passed a couple of revolutions, it appears on the other side of the mechanism now you can pull for it and start further. When a new circuit is inside the mechanism, it is necessary to install the connector, install one ball on each side of the circuit and connect it so that the circuit is looped.

Next, collect the curtain in the reverse order, return the mechanism to its place and set the shaft by snapping the gear with the mechanism inside the bracket.

Check the operation of the system, open and close the curtain so that it completely covers the window and completely wrap it on the shaft without resting against the chain connector. If the curtain rests against the connector, it is required to remove the shaft with the fabric and re -take out the mechanism, then scroll the chain and return the shaft to its place. After the curtain works without problems, it is necessary to set the move limiters in the most open and most closed position.

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