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roller curtains are a sunscreen, which consists of special fabric processed with a dust-repellent composition. In the upper part of the curtain there is a shaft for fastening the fabric, as well as mechanisms, and in the lower part there is a plumb line for tensioning the fabric, so that the fabric is easily wound on the shaft in the form of an even roll. Depending on the size of the product and the installation options, the system may differ.

The most popular is the mini system, it has ideal ratios in the price and quality of components and is designed for installation for separate wings, as well as small window openings. The system is installed on self -tapping screws, which ensures reliability and stability in the work of the product. Mini systems allow the use of the entire range of fabrics, and also have various colors of accessories, so you can easily choose components under the color of the window frame. Furniture colors: white, brown and gold oak. By default, when placing an order, white fittings are used, to replace it, it is required to clarify the corresponding color in the order.

The equipment of roller curtains:

  • brackets for attaching the shaft with mechanisms;
  • Mechanisms of the power of holding;
  • nozzle on the pipe;
  • lower weighting unit;
  • Fixing set (if necessary);
  • fabric.

brackets - in the mini system are made of plastic and fixed using self -tapping screws. There are also possible options for fixing on special hooks or adhesive tape, but we do not recommend using these options, because the hooks work only on rotary and oatmeal sashes, and if the window consists of two parts, in any case, with a deaf window, with self-tapping screws, and the curtains will be required Visually different. And the mounting on the adhesive tape is not reliable, because the curtain experiences loads during control, and it is easy to disrupt from such fasteners, so the most reliable method is fixation using saomrems.

Mechanisms - specially designed for a mini system, the mechanism smoothly regulates the shaft speed and automatically fixes the fabric at the selected level. With proper installation, the curtains should work smoothly without jamming and stops. The curtain is supplied, equipped with mechanisms that will be installed inside the shaft with fabric.

The pipe nozzle is special rings to limit the winding of the fabric, if the fabric is not wound evenly, the ring limits the area for winding the fabric and does not allow it to be pumped. With proper installation, the fabric should be wound evenly in the middle of the shaft without moving in different directions. If the fabric is not wound evenly - probably the system is not installed horizontally.

The lower weight of the roller curtains is made in the form of an aluminum profile, inside which the edge of the fabric is pressed. The weighting agent creates an effort on the canvas, allowing the curtain to maintain his shape. The weighting agent also provides uniform winding of the fabric when managing the product.

Fabric - most of the paintings for rolled curtains are made of 100% polyester with special dusting impregnations, this simplifies the product care, and polyester is less prone to burnout when direct sunlight gets in comparison With natural fabrics.

Lower fixation is a system for holding the fabric in the plane of the sash, when controlling the rotary-oxide wings, the fixation will hold the canvas, preventing the curtains from hanging out. Fixation is also necessary for attic windows, since they are often at an angle, the curtain without fixation sags vertically down and the functionality of the product is lost, so the use of fixation systems to ensure proper operation of the roller curtain is recommended.

In our online production, all types of components for rolled curtains are presented, as well as finished products in individual sizes. You can order roller curtains from us, as well as horizontal and vertical blinds, day-night, Roman curtains and protective rollers.

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