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Rolled curtains are convenient and functional systems to protect from the sun and decor of the room. The advantages of such systems are compactness and functionality. The curtain controls is carried out using a special chain and mechanism, the chain turns the shaft, thereby lowering and raising the fabric, and the mechanism fixes it at the required height. The fabric can be completely turned off, thereby freeing the light opening, so lower, covering the window from the sun and prying eyes down. Fabrics for roller curtains partially pass the light. Depending on the series, the fabric can obscure the room from 30% to 60%, so even with a closed curtain in the room it will be quite light, while the curtain removes direct sunlight and gently dissipates the lighting, thereby cleaning the glare from the screens of the equipment and preventing the heating of interior items .

Advantages of roller curtains

All curtains are made to order from the fabric you have chosen on the desired system, while the fabric is cut individually in accordance with your windows, which allows you to choose a product for all windows of windows or close many different windows The same fabrics, this is especially true for balconies and loggia, as well as private houses where the entire interior is made in the same style and are required curtains of the same color.

Installation of roller curtains occurs using self-tapping screws. This is the most effective option that allows you to reliably fix the system and is not worried about the reliability of the curtains. Other options, for example, installation on adhesive tape or hooks for wings, are either used situationally or are simply not effective and not safe.

Thanks to the materials from which the fabrics are made, it is very easy to take care of the curtain, it is enough to periodically wipe it with a damp sponge and the curtain will retain its original appearance for a long time.

Using a huge range of fabrics, you can easily choose a shade and texture for all types of interior, so roller curtains are a popular system, both for the office and in the home interior.

When choosing a material, it is recommended to start from the existing interior color, if it is made in light colors, you can always take white curtains that are universal, and even when changing the interior of the curtain will fit well . Or choose bright curtains in combination with small objects of bright color to supplement the existing design. Do not choose very bright shades into a colorful interior, it can overload it and create a pile of all kinds of shades. The exception is the kitchen, in which multi -colored furniture and other elements often prevail, so the bright curtain will be more than an addition. If you install a white fabric in the kitchen, it can lose color faster, and it may also seem too strict for a bright interior.

The design of roller curtains

Rolled curtains are quite simple in design, but each element is responsible for its function, and the system is practically devoid of disadvantages. For example, the mechanisms are used with automatic fixation, that is, if you partially deployed the curtain and released the control circuit, the mechanism will not let the curtain unwind the whole, but will hold it at the height you have chosen. Also, next to the mechanism on the shaft are two plastic nozzles, they look like flat rings and hold the fabric in the plane of the shaft. If the curtain is installed on the balcony where frequent gusts of wind, the system can be equipped with additional fixation and the fabric will not hang out. Each element of the curtain is quite simple, but as functional as possible, so you get the most functional product for an acceptable amount.

In our online production, you can also order ready-made roller curtains and equipment for them. As well as curtains day or nine, horizontal and vertical blinds, Roman curtains and protective rollers with delivery to anywhere in Ukraine.

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