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Mechanism for rolled curtains of closed type Besta UNI

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Комплект для рулонных штор UNI состоит из: кронштейн - 2 шт; механизм - 1 шт; втулка с осью в вал - 1 шт; шестерня - 2 шт; защитная крышка - 2 шт;
Система Besta UNI

Rolled curtains are a modern product for protection from the sun and heat. The curtain also performs other functions. Often, in the modern interior, the roller curtain should be the most compact product at an affordable price that will perform the necessary functions in the room and a little more. For example, roller curtains combine in themselves:

Compactness - the systems are installed on separate sash and do not take up much space, they visually do not stand out and do not reduce the angle of opening the sash, which positively affects the functionality of the windows.

Design - Rolled curtains, in addition to sun protection, perform the functions of designer elements that can, how neutrally look like the windows closing the street and creating comfort, and stand out against the background of other interior items to diversify a boring monochrome dwelling.

sun protection - tissues for curtains have partial light permeability, which allows you to leave the curtain closed from the heat in the daytime, but getting soft light that does not create glare on the screens of computers and monitors.

Providing privacy - residents of the first floors and private houses with windows for the passing part in practice know how important it is to be able to close the windows without shading the space, roller curtains with thin light fabric Ideal for solving such problems.

Functional fabrics - thanks to special curtain fabrics, the curtain can perform not only a decorative function, but also the necessary functional preferences. For example, fabrics with 100% darkening are ideal for conference rooms, where it is necessary to use a projector in the daytime, in cinemas, as well as in the bedroom to ensure daytime sleep. For the kitchen, fabrics with a moisture -proof coating are well suitable, also similar curtains are used in production facilities and in hospitals, where wet cleaning is often carried out and fabric should withstand potent detergents. For balconies, fabric with interspersed lurex threads is well suited, lurex reflects light and heat, so that the balcony and room do not heat up even in the hot summer time. I would like to separately consider Screen fabrics, which have the effect of partial permeability, such fabrics are installed on gas stations and in panoramic stores, they allow you to see what is happening outside, but hide everything that happens indoors.

all of the above fabrics are possible for installation in closed UNI systems, such a system is equipped with a protective aluminum box, as well as flat guides, which play the role of fabric fixators, and also hide the side gaps, thanks What is the most effectively used on the closed system Blacaut fabric with 100% darkening.

In the event of a breakdown, the repair of the curtains can be carried out with your own hands even without special skills, consider how to repair roller curtains in a closed system and what is needed for this.

  • Before starting the repair, it is necessary to detect a breakdown in order to correctly purchase components for repair, we will consider the situation in which the curtain mechanism is damaged, and the fabric is not controlled using a chain. That is, it shows or does not move or is not fixed at the required height.
  • If the breakdown in the mechanism needs to order a new mechanism of the UNI system.
  • Now that you have received a new set of mechanisms, it is necessary to remove the side decorative linings from the box to replace it and unscrew the box from the window frame.
  • Further, when the box is enough in your hands to unscrew 2 self-tapping screws to free the mechanism and shaft with a fabric, unscrew the mechanism from the control side to remove the chain.
  • remove the mechanism from the shaft, it gets if it is pulled, it is not recommended to turn it, since there are special grooves inside the shaft, which prevent the mechanism from rotating.
  • now that the old mechanisms are extracted, we install new ones in their place and collect the product in the reverse order.
  • When assembling the product, we install the shaft with mechanisms in place, then fix it with the bracket and screw the bracket itself to the box.
  • now that the box is assembled, it is enough to screw it back to the window frame and install decorative linings.
  • check the performance of the curtain, the new mechanism should work smoothly without jamming and fix the fabric at the desired height.
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