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Mechanism for rolled curtains Standart 25

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Комплект механизмов для рулонных штор Standart 25 состоит из: металлический кронштейн - 2 шт; механизм - 1 шт; втулка с осью в вал - 1 шт; шестерня - 2 шт; пластиковая накладка - 2 шт;
Система Besta Standart 25

Rolled curtains are a fabric canvas, which is wound on the shaft and fixed on compact cornices. Thanks to special fabrics, the curtain is wound on the shaft and occupies a minimum of space on the window in the open form, so the roller curtains perform all the necessary functions to protect from the sun, and also, if necessary, they turn off and do not take places on the window. Often the curtains are mounted on separate sash, this is done for the convenience of adjusting the light flow, thanks to several curtains open at different levels, the necessary lighting in the room is achieved.

Fabric for roller curtains is made of 100% polyester, this material easily tolerates and does not burn out in the sun, also thanks to special dusting impregnations, the fabric does not accumulate dust and very simple to care. It is enough to wipe it with a rag, or a damp sponge and the curtain will be like new.

mechanisms for rolled curtains

Mechanisms for fabric rolllet can conditionally be divided into two types, these are open systems and closed. In a closed (cassette) fabric system, they are located inside a special aluminum box, so that the fabric is protected from dust and damage. Closed systems are also equipped with aluminum guides that hide the side gaps, with guides with a curtain closed, the window looks compact and concise.


In the open system, the fabric is located on the open shaft (hence the name). The shaft is held by side brackets complete with mechanisms. Open systems, in turn, are of various types, depending on the size of the rolllet and selected fabric. The fabric has its own weight and, depending on the series, this weight can be quite impressive. Also the larger the curtain, the more fabric is located on it, therefore, with facade glazing, for example, in shopping centers, at gas stations and similar places, special curtains on the standard 25 and 35 system are used, these are enhanced systems in which a large diameter shaft is used, and Also metal brackets for fixing curtains. Such systems withstand the weight of any fabric presented on our website, and also allow you to install large curtains.

A mini with a plastic mechanism and brackets is used for home use. Its more than enough for installation on separate wings, with proper operation, such curtains will last a long time.

Fabrics for roller curtains are often made of 100% polyester, such material does not burn out in the sun, well withstands heating under the sun's rays, and is also less prone to pollution. To care for the curtains from polyester, it is enough to periodically rub them with a damp sponge and this will be enough. Thanks to the dusting coating, the curtain does not accumulate dust and it does not need to be washed. In addition, washing for fabrics from polyester is contraindicated, if the fabric is remembered, then it will no longer return the original shape, which means that when washing the curtain, it may become unusable and its complete replacement will be required.

In our online store you can buy mechanisms for rolled curtains of open and closed type. As well as finished roller curtains and blinds for individual sizes.

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