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Mini roller curtains mechanism

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Rolled curtains came to us from Europe, practicality is especially appreciated there, so the roller curtain is made with the aim of being a compact means of sunscript, which, if necessary, can decorate the interior, or complement it without focusing without focusing On the windows.

It consists of a curtain of several main details - primarily fabric, they come in various colors and textures, and also differ in functional capabilities.

The fabric is held on a special mechanism, the choice of the mechanism depends on the size of the curtain and the type of fixation. All options for open systems are universal in terms of installation, that is, they are mounted on a sash, on a wall or on the ceiling. Standard mechanisms are enough for fixing the curtains in any position without additional locks.

Unfortunately, even the highest quality mechanisms for one reason or another may fail. This can happen depending on the operation of the curtains. Consider what breakdown of the curtains are and how to eliminate them.

breakdown of the mechanism of auto fixation

When the self-fixing mechanism is damaged, the curtain ceases to retain the fabric at the required height. Partly the problem is solved if the control circuit is fixed after the fabric is installed at the desired height.

Special chain fixers are used to fix the chain, they come in the kit with the curtain, but their main function to keep the control circuit so that it does not dangle. To eliminate such a problem, it is necessary to replace the control mechanism.

Controlling the control circuit

The control chain for curtains is made as a special cord, on which there are many plastic balls. It is often quite difficult to damage the chain, since it is strong and easily withstands the necessary loads, but if a similar problem arises, then the chain can be easily replaced with a new one.

breakdown of the brackets

The roller curtain is held on the window frame using special brackets. Depending on the system, the mechanisms can be equipped with various fastening methods. For example, plastic brackets are used in the open system of mini, this is due to the fact that this system is designed to install on the sash and for fixing the curtains do not require enhanced mechanisms, since the curtain of small sizes does not represent a special load. If the curtain is mounted on the wall or on the ceiling, it closes the window opening and can be more than 150 cm in size, reinforced metal brackets are already used for such systems to withstand the weight of the system. The breakdown of the brackets often occurs in the open system, which is installed on the sash, this happens if the sash is close to the slopes, when opening the sash, the bracket rests on the slope and if you forcefully open such windows, plastic brackets may not withstand the loads and break down.

how to replace the mechanism and control circuit in rolled curtains

To replace the mechanism, you need to buy a remote a set for repairing roller curtains. The remote set consists of two brackets and two parts of the mechanism. The chain is ordered separately depending on the height of the product.

  1. To obtain access to control mechanisms, it is necessary to remove the shaft with a fabric of brackets.
  2. fully wrap the curtain so that the fabric does not interfere with the shaft from the mechanisms.
  3. In the brackets, there are special liners with gears in order to remove the mechanism required to submit mechanism fixers, after which the mechanisms will not be fixed in the brackets and they can be removed by pulling the shaft with the fabric.
  4. Now that the shaft is in our hands, you can pull the mechanisms from it, they go if you simply pull them over (the mechanisms do not scroll inside the pipe, so you do not need to rotate them)
  5. After the old mechanisms are dismantled, new ones can be installed in their place by first installing the control circuit on them.
  6. To install the control circuit, you need to start one end into the mechanism, and then scroll it so that the chain is wound on the gear.
  7. Pay attention, the chain is started into the mechanism depending on the control side. A special connector is mounted on the chain, which must be located from the window when installing the mechanism, this is required so that when opening the curtain, the connector does not rest against the mechanism and does not interfere with the opening.
  8. Now that the mechanisms are ready for installation, they need to be installed in a shaft with a fabric, after which the shaft returns back to the brackets.
  9. After the shaft is installed in place, it remains only to check the performance of the product.
  10. how to replace brackets for rolled curtains

    The brackets are side plastic or metal elements that are fixed on the window frame and hold the shaft with the fabric. If they can be damaged brackets plastic, consider the procedure for replacing brackets.

    1. Remove the shaft with a fabric from the system, take out a gears of brackets, thereby freeing the shaft with fabric.
    2. After the shaft is dismantled, put it aside.
    3. unscrew the screws to free the brackets and remove them from the window frame.
    4. Install new brackets in the place of the old ones, if the system is similar, then you will not have to drill new holes in the windows.
    5. Now that the new brackets are installed, you can return the curtain to them. Since the remote kit is supplied with mechanisms, you can also change the mechanisms to extend the service life of the product, or leave them in case of repair.
    6. Install the shaft with fabric on the brackets.
    7. Check the productivity of the product.
    8. the result

      Special skills or special equipment are not required to replace the mechanisms of roller curtains, a screwdriver is enough and when following the instructions, replacement is performed in just 5-10 minutes. The mechanisms are made of high -quality plastic and are not subject to rapid wear with proper use. Damage occurs by accident, or if the curtains are improperly operating.

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