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Besta mini fur, gold oak

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Механизм цвета золотой дуб для рулонных штор на системе Besta mini. Механизм поставляется в сборе вместе с втулками на вал. Цепь управления в комплекте не идет(цепь поставляется отдельно в зависимости от высоты шторы)
Система Besta MINI

Open-type roller curtains are used for installation on separate sash and are widely distributed on plastic windows. An open system is a shaft with a fabric inside it, there is a chain mechanism. The whole structure is mounted on the windows using special plastic brackets.

on white windows the classic version of the fittings is perfect, because the color of white plastic often coincides, but if the windows are non-standard, then the white curtain will stand out on the window frame.

Often, windows can be made in white and brown color, and are also laminated for gold oak, walnut and mahagon. Lamination creates the impression of natural material and accessories as close as possible to the shades of lamination for windows. Thus, when installing roller curtains, you should choose the color that corresponds to the color of your windows, and the curtains are ideal for them, thereby the visual difference will be minimal.

For windows made in brown color on our website, several options for systems are presented.

Open systems in brown color are often used as a mini system. In rare cases, the standard systems are used, they occupy more space, but also withstand curtains from 150cm, which allows you to easily mount the systems in the opening or on the wall.

All closed systems involve a wide selection of components including boxes and guides in white, brown, gold oak, walnut and mahagon. Thanks to this assortment, closed systems are ideal for the modern windows of the premium segment and look stylish complete with natural wooden windows.

In our online production, you can order all types of components for rolled curtains, as well as spare parts for repairing protective roots and horizontal and vertical blinds, Roman curtains and pliss. >

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