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Besta mini fur brown

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Механизм коричневого цвета для рулонных штор на системе Besta mini. Механизм поставляется в сборе вместе с втулками на вал. Цепь управления в комплекте не идет(цепь поставляется отдельно в зависимости от высоты шторы)
Система Besta MINI

Rolled curtains are modern sunscreen systems that have a wide range of fabrics and colors among all sunscreen systems. Thanks to many products, it is possible to order both white simple curtains for the bedroom and premium fabrics with reflective coating, which reflect part of sunlight and heat, thereby reducing the heating of the room. In addition to decorative fabrics, there are functional series that have special properties, for example, 100% dimming, moisture resistance, unilateral transparency, etc.

Fabrics of all types are installed on open and closed systems. Open systems are a shaft with a fabric that can be seen with the naked look from here and the name. And in closed systems, all mechanisms and fabric are hidden under an aluminum box, which performs not only a decorative function, but also protects the system from physical damage, and fabric from pollution.

Open-type systems are produced in several colors of the color, this is due to the fact that modern metal-plastic windows can be not only white, but also brown, as well as with lamination, respectively, if you establish a white Furniture on brown windows, it will stand out and attract excess attention, so the manufacturers of accessories take into account the colors of the windows and introduce brown accessories as well as gold oak, walnut and mahagon. Such systems correspond to the factory colors of the windows and do not stand out on them, thereby ensuring the maximum combination of curtains and plastic windows.

In our store, all types of mechanisms for rolled curtains in various shades are presented.

When using brown fittings on the system, brown weighting fits or guides are also used, and when using the system of fixers, they will be brown or transparent. It is worth considering this if you want to change the color of the existing system from white to brown, you will need to replace not only the mechanism, but also the other parts of the curtains.

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