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Besta Mini fur

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Механизм белого цвета для рулонных штор на системе Besta mini. Механизм поставляется в сборе вместе с втулками на вал. Цепь управления в комплекте не идет(цепь поставляется отдельно в зависимости от высоты шторы)
Система Besta MINI

The Besta mini mechanism is white. The mechanism is used in rolled curtains on the mini system as well as in the curtains of a day or a mini mini with white fittings. They are used in the assembly of Besta roll curtains and also to replace or repair open -type roller curtains. The mechanism is available for order separately or a set. When ordering the kit, lateral brackets are delivered as well as a mechanism and a response part for fixing the shaft. The set does not include the control circuit, because it is ordered separately depending on the height of the curtain.

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