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roller curtains are a modern multifunctional product not only for protection from the sun, but also for decorating the room. Rolled curtains have gained their popularity in Europe and have been spreading around the world for a long time. They value compactness, an attractive appearance, as well as multifunctionality, for a low cost such curtains can save space on the windowsill due to installation on separate sash, as well as curtains have a wide range of fabrics, which allows you to choose a fabric for all types of interior from classic to modern in in High-tech style and similar. In some cases, plain options may seem too strict in the classic interior, therefore, especially for such cases, the site presents options with various textures, as well as with images of plants and colors that will look alive in any interior style.

Curtains with flowers are perfect for the kitchen or in the living room, where it is necessary to draw attention to the windows in the most diverse interior. If the design is made in a strict style, it is recommended to use plain tissues that gently dissipate sunlight and remove glare from TV and monitor screens.

rolled curtains can be divided into two main types - these are open and closed systems. In closed systems, special aluminum box and guides are used, which hold the fabric in the window plane, and also protect it from pollution and the system from damage. In addition, accessories for closed systems are supplied in various colors, for example, white, brown, gold oak, walnut and mahagon.

Open systems in turn are often made from plastic components with an open shaft, that is, visually you can see the parts of the system on which the fabric is fixed. Since the open system is not equipped with guides, an additional fixation system is used in it, we will consider in more detail the options for fixing the systems.

string - is used to fix the lower weighting bar on rolled curtains. When installing fixing the string in the upper part of the product, a special guide fishing line is fixed, and special corners with tensioners are installed under the fabric. The corners allow you to fix and pull the fishing line. In the lower weighting bar, the ring is installed through which the fishing line passes, thereby creating a rigid structure for fixing the fabric. The lower bar moves along the fishing line as guides, thanks to this system, the curtain moves only along the fishing tables and does not dangle with strong gusts of wind. Also, the string system is used on opening sash, so that when setting the sash in the ventilation mode (at an angle) the curtain will not deviate. Accordingly, a similar system works well on the attic windows, which are always inclined.

Magnets - a fixation system, which is also used on separate wings. In the lower weighting bar, special neodymium magnets are screwed, which will hold the curtain of primagnetic to the window frame. Such a system has its pros and cons. The pluses include compactness, since the magnets are not visible with the naked look and are hidden behind the lower bar, unlike the guide fishing line that are always next to the fabric and is always visible regardless of the curtain or closed. But the magnets are not devoid of minuses, if the curtain is not completely lowered, it will not be fixed to the window frame. Since the response parts for the magnets are located only in the lower part of the window frame, respectively, if the curtain is open partially or half, then it will not be fixed.

guides - by default guides are supplied with closed (cassette) rolled curtains, this is part of the system and often does not come separately, but since we are a manufacturer of sunscreens, if necessary, if necessary You can order guides for open systems separately. It should be borne in mind that the open system is not equipped with the appropriate grooves for the installation of guides, which means that they will be installed a little separately from the system, but at the same time perform all the necessary functions, namely, fixing the fabric, as well as to hide the side gaps. The guides are ideal for installation together with the Blackout curtains, in such a combination 100% darkening of the room is achieved, the fabric closes the light opening and the guides remove the side gaps between the window frame and the fabric. The guides can also be installed on the wall together with the Standard 25 system in order to completely close the lighting from a whole light opening of several wings.

In our online production, all components for the repair of roller curtains, as well as Roman curtains, horizontal and vertical blinds, plyssa and protective rolletics are presented. If necessary, you can order ready -made products of all types from individual sizes from us to close windows of any size. If questions arise - contact the contact phone numbers on the site, and our experts will help you choose the necessary products for any type of interior.

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