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Besta chain lock brown

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Фиксатор цепи управления для штор на системах Besta коричневого цвета. Применяется для фиксации цепи управления на окно либо стену в зависимости от точки крепления.
Система Besta MINI

The chain lock is used for roller curtains on all systems. Clicks are necessary for fastening the control circuit on the window frame and are supplied with all types of products. In this version, the latch is made in brown color and is used for open and closed systems with brown fittings.

Brown fittings are required for windows with a brown frame, such systems correspond to the brown color of the frame for plastic windows so that the curtains do not stand out against other components. Depending on the manufacturer, the color may vary slightly.

There are several types of systems in brown color, namely mini, standard and all types of closed (cassette) systems. The color of the fittings affects the cost, therefore, when ordering systems in color brown, gold oak, nut and mahon, the cost of curtains will differ.

options for systems for rolled curtains

Open is a universal system that includes several types of cornices, from mini to standard 35. The mini is universal, it is equipped with plastic components including mechanisms and brackets, it is designed for installation On separate sash and is most often used at home. The mini system is able to close the balcony blocks and individual windows in the bedroom, kitchen, children's and other rooms. If it is necessary to cover with curtains large window openings, for example, shop windows or large windows in an office or a shopping center for such cases, a standard system 25 and 35 is used, depending on the size of the curtains. Such systems have reinforced components including an enlarged mechanism, as well as metal brackets, which allow you to mount the curtain, both on the wall and in the ceiling. If you have two large windows nearby, you should not combine different systems, because the curtains of the standard look larger than the mini system and will be highlighted on the windows, if possible, the same systems should be mounted to observe the visual compliance of all curtains.

The chain fixer is delivered by default only to the open mini-open system, the standard system is not equipped with fixators because it has an enhanced chain that differs from the standard mini. Also, all closed systems by default are equipped with chain fixers depending on the color of the box and guides.

In addition to the fixers of the circuit, roller curtains can be equipped with fabric fixators, these include strings, magnets and guides.

The string is a special guide fishing line, which is fixed in the upper part of the cornice and in the lower part of the product using special corners. The fishing line is fixed in a stretched state and passes through special rings in the lower weighting bar. When installing the string system, the lower weighting bar moves along the fishing line only in the window of the window and does not deviate from it, thereby the fabric will not hang out and deviate from the windows, even if the sash is in the ventilation mode. It is especially important to fix the fabric on the attic windows, since they are always at an angle for melting the curtains, they must be fixed in the plane of the windows so that the fabric effectively closes the light opening.

Magnets are the most compact and inconspicuous version of the fixers, special metal parts for magnets are fixed on the window frame in the lower end on the window frame, and the magnets are fastened on the back of the lower weighting bar . It turns out when lowering the curtains down, it is primed to the window and is fixed. Plus magnetic fixation, this is inconspicuousness, a curtain with magnetic clamps and without, almost indistinguishable from each other. But there is a small minus, magnetic fixation has only one mounting point, that is, the curtain is fixed only if the fabric is in the lower extreme position.

The guides are a special aluminum profile, which is mounted on the sides of the fabric and, in addition to fixing, also hides lateral gaps between the light opening and the window frame. The guides are ideal to achieve complete darkness in the room using a combination of Blackout fabric and guides.

The guides are delivered by default with closed systems, for them there are special grooves in the box, according to which the fabric moves exactly to the guides, open systems do not have such structural features, so the guides are necessary Mount carefully so that the fabric does not cling to the edges and does not scratch about aluminum.

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