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Besta chain lock

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Фиксатор цепи управления для штор на системах Besta белого цвета. Применяется для фиксации цепи управления на окно либо стену в зависимости от точки крепления.
Система Besta MINI

The chain fixer is the detail that most often raises questions that it is and why is it necessary? Such mounts are fixed on the window frame next to the control chain and hold the control chain.

to fix the control circuit required so that it does not dangle when opening the window. Rolled curtains are a very compact product that imperceptibly performs its functions to protect from the sun, but does not attract special attention. To create accents on rolled curtains, it is necessary to choose bright fabrics that will be contrasting against the background of the rest of the interior, otherwise the fabrics are selected for the interior and the curtains look like its addition.

Rolled curtains are divided into two types, open and closed systems, all are equipped with chain fixers, as well as additional fixation for fabric.

open roller curtain systems are the most popular option that allows you to install curtains at competitive prices, the closed type will be slightly more expensive, but also more functional.

Open type of roller curtains is a shaft with a fabric that is fixed on the window frame with the help of brackets, often such systems are mounted separately for each sash and allow you to close the widths up to 140cm in width. Open systems are also well suited for installation on the door and the windows combined with them, for example, an exit to the balcony. If you work in an open office with glazed walls, then roller curtains are a great way to zone the space. Also, in addition to roller curtains for panoramic windows, day-night systems and aluminum blinds are used. The cost of the product is influenced by fabric and accessories for the product, respectively, the greater the dimensions of the curtains, the higher the cost of the product. Also, do not forget that the fabrics may differ in cost several times, when choosing curtains, several fabric options should be calculated to determine which curtains are suitable for you on the budget.

Closed systems have their advantages, the system consists of an aluminum box, inside it is a shaft with a fabric, as well as mechanisms and all fasteners, thanks to this design of the curtain, it is installed on the window frame with a whole cornice. Separately, two aluminum guides are mounted to the box, depending on the system, guides can be flat or P-shaped. Any type of guides was created to hide the lateral gaps between the fabric and the window frame, as well as the guides play the role of fixers that hold the fabric and do not allow it to sag on the attic and inclined windows. Flat guides are mounted on stacks and create a space for the movement of fabric between glass and guide. In turn, the P-shaped guides themselves are a profile inside which the fabric moves, unlike flat systems, which can only be installed on a glazing pic and nothing else. The P-shaped system allows you to close the window opening entirely, or is installed on non-standard windows with curly or low stacks.

In open and closed types, chain fixers are used, clamps consist of two parts. Internal and external. The inside is fixed on a window frame using a screw and the outer is dressed on top and holds the chain. Furniture for rolled curtains is selected to the color of the system, if the cornice of white or brown color, the fixators are supplied with the corresponding color.

Also in our online production you can order components for repairing roller curtains, as well as all types of blinds, Roman curtains and a day or a day. As well as ready -made systems in individual sizes for all types of windows.

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