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A latch with a lifting gear (fur-m mini), white

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Зашелка с шестерней белая для системы Besta mini. Предназначена для установки в кронштейн белого цвета.

Curtains day-None is a modern sunscreen in which the striped fabric of the Zebra is used. The fabric is located on the system in two layers and due to the movement of layers relative to each other, various effects of light permeability of the curtains are achieved.

Curtains of curtains day-night

conditionally, all systems can be divided into two types: open and closed.

In an open system, a shaft with fabric and mechanisms are visible to the naked eye, while open systems are favorites of most customers due to the ratio in price and quality.

A closed system is a completely different level of the product, such curtains are more durable than analogues because the fabric is protected by a special box, and closed systems are equipped with side guides that fix the fabric and hide the side lumen The system looks stylish and concise.

In open systems of the curtains, it is fixed on the brackets, inside of which there are latches with gears, on each such latch there is a special tongue of prying, which you can take out the latch and easily dismantle the shaft with the fabric, At the same time, the brackets and the rear profile of the system will remain in place and do not require dismantling.

A similar procedure is necessary for fixing the system, because the shaft with fabric partially closes the place for installing screws, so it is often easier to temporarily remove the shaft and fasten the cornice, after which the shaft is returned to the place .

Data latches with gears are designed for installation in the Besta Mini system and may not be suitable for other manufacturers. To determine the name of the system, look at the side of the side, on the original mechanisms on the side there will be stamping "Besta" unlike Chinese analogues.

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