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Magnet - clip 62 mm* 32 mm, white

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Магнит клипса для штор день-ночь DUO белая. Применяется для установки на ткань и является частью системы управления. При помощи магнитов ткань прокручивается и выставляется необходимый уровень освещения в помещении.

Magnetic clip is used exclusively in Duo Day-Night systems to control the product. To understand the features of the management of such systems, let's look at how the Duo system differs from the classic mini.

In the mini system, a mechanism with chain control is used to control the product. Using such a curtain mechanism, the shaft is also fixed, as well as the shaft for winding the fabric, which ensures the lifting and lowering of the curtain. But there are options when it is not appropriate to install a curtain with a mechanism, for example, transcripts on balconies, these are wide, but short windows that can be about 1 m in width and 30-40cm in height. Or the side windows in which the curtain will almost never open completely, this is the maximum change in position from day at night. For such cases, the Duo system is used.

The design of the Duo system is quite simple, in the upper part of the curtain there is a special "flask" bar inside which the fabric is located and the same bar is located in the lower part of the curtain. At the same time, the fabric is not wound on the shaft as in the classic version, but moves along the ring, that is, the fabric runs the upper part of the curtain and then falls down.

Such a system has its pros and cons, due to the simplicity and lack of mechanisms of the Duo system, compact enough to accommodate almost anywhere. Also, a simpler system reduces the cost of the finished product, which allows you to use expensive fabric for the same money compared to other systems. But there is a significant minus, the Duo system does not allow to raise and lower the fabric because it does not have a shaft and a mechanism. This means that all the control of the curtain is reduced to a change in the positions of the fabric between "day" and "night". In fact, this is a fairly controversial moment, because the curtains of a day or a day often work, that is, cases when the curtain rises completely up, it is rare because the lighting in the "Day" position is enough for comfortable stay in the room.

Special magnetic holders are installed to control the system on the fabric; to change the position, day and night, it is enough to pull the fabric for the holder. It is for such systems that these magnets are used. Because in other control systems, the control circuit is used.

We will consider in more detail the modes "Day" and "Night"

As mentioned earlier in the curtains of a day or nich, a special fabric is used, it consists of transparent strips of tulle that alternate with dense fabric and this allows you to install various lighting modes.

The day mode - in this mode of the curtain is installed in the form of a black thing, that is, transparent and fabric stripes are installed symmetrically to each other, due to which significant gaps appear in the places where the tulle is located. At the same time, you can easily view what is on the street without opening the curtain.

Night mode - in this case, dark fabric stripes completely close the window by analogy with rolled curtains, it is convenient to use this mode in the evening or on the sunny side. In the evening, the Night mode will not allow you to see what is indoors with the light on. And with hot daytime sun, dense fabric will well protect the room from heating the furniture with direct sunlight.

At the same time, the fabric stripes in curtains days are made of fabric similar to rolled curtains. The advantages of such fabric are partial light permeability, which allows you to be comfortable in the room, not including additional lighting.

, if necessary, complete darkening in curtains for a day or a day, special fabrics with 100% darkening are represented, they allow you to completely limit sunlight at any time of the day. Such fabrics are used in cinemas or offices with the presence of a projector, where it is necessary to ensure complete darkness in the daytime.

the result

The Duo Day-Night system allows you to install curtains in places inconvenient for installation, as well as on small windows. The Duo system has a slight departure of other systems, which allows you to install curtains without reducing the opening angle. Even if the sash rests on slopes when opening, you can easily install such systems without a strong reduction in the opening angle.

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