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The plug of the lower round plane is 12mm, white

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Заглушка для нижнего утяжелителя в шторах день-ночь круглая белая.

Rolled curtains day-night is a modern sunscreen using special striped fabrics "zebra". The fabric is a alternate of dark fabric and transparent tulle stripes. In the cornice, such fabrics are fixed at two points. This is a special profile in the rear of the curtain and shaft for winding the fabric, thus, the fabric comes out of the shaft, goes around the lower weighting agent and returns back to the cornice, where its edge is rigidly fixed in the profile. Accordingly, we get a curtain of two layers, which can be moved among themselves by exposing the necessary level of lighting in the room. When moving the fabric, in addition to the most closed and open position, the curtain can be set to the day where dark stripes alternate with transparent and the fabric partially passes the sunlight, or close the window to the night, thereby completely block the light opening with dark tissue stripes that close the room from the sunny light and prying eyes.

Now that we tentatively figured out how the curtain is a day orch, it should be understood that the fabric in the lower part of the curtain should be bent on a weighting agent, therefore, the use of a standard weighting agent in which the fabric is already pressed It is impossible, for such curtains a round weighting agent is used, which is a hollow shaft of white. Special plugs are installed in the side holes of the lower weighting agent, they close the holes, and also have special sides that hold the shaft inside the fabric. Also, special holes were prepared inside the plugs for fixing the rings under the string system.

The string system is an option for fixing the curtains day or a day, they can be either free-free or recorded by special guide fishing lines. They are fixed in the upper part of the cornice using holes in the brackets, and in the lower part with special corners. Bronze latches are mounted inside the corners, the fishing line is installed and fixed in them. But if you simply pull the string from the cornice to the corners, the curtain will hang out to fix it, special rings are needed, which are installed in a plug for the lower weighting agent, such rings hold the weighting agent in the window plane, and since the fabric runs the weighting, the entire curtain is fixed both in the upper and lower part of the system.

On our site you can order components for the repair of roller curtains and a day or none with your own hands. We are also a manufacturer of roller curtains, horizontal blinds, Roman curtains and vertical blinds in individual sizes.

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