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The ring of the plug is transparent

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Кольцо для установки в боковые заглушки цвет - прозрачный. Применяется в рулонных шторах и день-ночь с системой нижней фиксации. После установки кольца в него продевается струна по которой двигаются шторы.

The rings of the plugs are used to install the "Struna" fixation in a day-open-type day. Similar rings are used only in color systems, for example, brown or gold oak, and white rings come in the kit in the kit. This is due to the installation of transparent side plugs in color systems day-Night.

two types of fixation are used for the system-night system, these are aluminum guides or "string". Other types of fixation as "magnets" per day do not work in view of the design features, namely a round lower bar. Since two layers of fabric are used in the system, a round weightingman is needed so that the fabric can move freely when managing the curtain.

how the string system works in curtains day-night

Curtains of a day or a day can be delivered both in the form of free-free systems and fixation systems. Often, fixation elements are necessary to ensure stable operation of the system in strong winds or on rotary-oxide sashes. Because when setting the sash in the ventilation mode, it is at an angle of the system that is fixed on the sash, will also deviate from the window, but the fabric under the strength of the gravity deviates and hangs vertically down to avoid this, which holds the fabric and does not allow the curtains hanging out.

A special fishing line is installed to install fixation in the upper part of the system, which is lowered into the lower extreme point of the curtain and is fixed there in a stretched form using special tensioners. But if we just fix the fishing line of the curtain and it remains to hang out, so it is necessary to connect the fishing line and the lower weighting bar using the rings of the plug. These rings are mounted in the plugs of the lower bar, and a fishing line is threaded through them, which in turn fixes the curtain. In such a simple way, the curtains of a day or a day in an open system are fixed.

There is also a second method of fixation - guides, they are included with a closed system and are installed in special grooves in the box. But with a great desire, guides can also be installed with an open system, but there will be no connection of the system with the guides. The guides are a special aluminum profile, inside which the fabric moves. With such a fixation system, it is necessary to use a special lower weighting agent, which will be free along the guides.

On our site you can buy separately white and transparent rings, as well as a set of lower fixation assembled for any system, both rolled curtains and a day-night.

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