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Clips Day-Night Eco, White

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Клипса для рулонных штор день-ночь на системе ЭКО. Цвет - белый. Предназначается для крепления системы день-ночь.

Systems of the day-Night are mounted on window sash in several ways. The cornice of the day or the day consists of brackets and a special profile, inside which the fabric is pressed. The cornice is mounted either using self -tapping screws or on special clips. The type of assembly of the cornice depends on the fastening option, when installed on self -tapping screws, they pass through the brackets and the lower profile, before being gained in the window, so the system will be rigidly fixed. If the mount occurs using clip, then the brackets are connected to the profile on special rivets and the place for fixing the screws will be occupied by rivets.

Pay attention & ndash; Only the ECO system is equipped with clips, other mini-mini systems and the standard are fixed using self-tapping screws and collected precisely taking into account such fixation, this means that when ordering an open system for days or nine, the brackets will not be sealed to the rear profile.

Clips fixation has its pros and cons. In any case, either clips or the cornice are attached to self -tapping screws, so do not deceive yourself that when using the clip there are no holes in the window frame. So, initially clips are screwed on the window frame along the horizontal level so that the system is fixed evenly and the fabric is wound evenly. After the clips are recorded by a fairly simple movement to install a cornice in them and, if necessary, add a fixation system. Clips create a small gap between the curtain and the window frame, so the mount may not seem reliable enough.

if necessary to wash the windows of the curtain, easily dismantled with the clip in literally a couple of movements, leaving a free opening open.

Clips for fixing all-metal painted in white. Fixation occurs due to special grooves in which the cornice profile is closed.

When mounting on self-tapping screws, it is necessary to perform a little more action, but the fixation is tighter, since the curtain is adjacent to the window frame and does not move during control. For installation, day or a day you need to pre-remove the shaft, with the fabric, thereby freeing holes for screws. After that, the cornice is fixed on the window frame and the shaft with the cloth returns to its place. The system of fixation on self -tapping screws is the most reliable possible, but when installing and dismantling, it is necessary to remove the shaft with fabric each time to freely unscrew and tighten the screws back.

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