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A set of plugs of the upper 2pcs of white

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Пластиковая заглушка белого цвета для горизонтальных жалюзи. Применяется для установки на белый карниз.

Horizontal aluminum blinds are always equipped with two sets of plugs. The cornice and lower weighting bar inside are hollow and sharp edges remain during trimming, which must be hidden. For this, the upper and lower plugs are used, respectively, at the place of their installation. The upper plugs are used for installation on the edges of the cornice, and the lower for the lower weighting bar. All plugs can be in two colors - white and transparent. White fittings are applied only to white blinds, or at the request of the client can be installed on any type of color blinds. And transparent plugs are installed on colored blinds, since their color can be absolutely anything. White fittings are always supplied separately at the level with color, because white blinds are a universal and most popular color. White blinds are ideal for metal -plastic windows with a white frame, for example, a set of white blinds can be installed on balcony sash, either in the living room or in the bedroom. Also, thanks to aluminum components, the blinds are not rusted, which means that they can be installed without fear in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Lower plugs for blinds can be of two types that differ not only in color, but also by purpose.

plugs for fixers and classic deaf. There is a special pin on the plugs with the latch, which is clicks into the latch, without it it will not be possible to fix the system on the window frame. Deaf plugs will be smooth without protruding parts, they are used on freely hanging structures and simply hide the edges of the lower bar.

Horizontal blinds have practically not changed externally, but inside they have modern mechanisms that extend the service life of the product. In addition, modern lamellas became thinner and stronger and easier, it reduces the total weight of the product and does not create loads on the windows in the presence of blinds.

On our website you can buy components for repairing horizontal blinds including the upper and lower plugs, as well as mechanisms, control cane, cords and lamellas in individual sizes. To order, go to the equipment section and choose the corresponding category of products.

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