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A set of plugs of the lower 2pcs of white

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Заглушка для системы нижней фиксации в горизонтальных алюминиевых жалюзи белого цвета. Устанавливается на нижнюю планку, имеет специальный выступ для крепления жалюзи на фиксатор. Используется в жалюзи с белыми ламелями.

Horizontal aluminum blinds are an indispensable means of sunlight in office rooms and home interior. The blinds perfectly protect from the sun and allow us to conveniently adjust the level of lighting, by turning the lamella, without opening the light opening. On our site you can order both ready -made blinds for individual sizes, as well as components for repairing with your own hands.

the design of horizontal blinds

The classic system is fully made of aluminum, including the cornice and lamella, so the blinds do not rust and have a slight weight, which positively affects the structure. The main elements of the blinds are the cornice inside, which houses the mechanisms of rotation and holding of the lamellas, as well as aluminum lamellas with a system of forests and cords.

Lameli is horizontal stripes, which are the basis of the blinds, it is the lamellas that close the light opening and the service life of the product and the appearance depend on the quality materials. Lamels can be made of various materials, for example, plastic, aluminum, wood and bamboo, consider all options in more detail, as well as the pros and cons of each of them.

Plastic - in modern blinds, it is practically not used earlier it was a popular lamella option, but due to frequent stay in the sun, such lamellas quickly faded and yellowener. Now instead of plastic lamellas are used aluminum.

aluminum - all modern blinds are made of this material, aluminum is quite durable, keeps shape well and does not burn out in the sun. Aluminum lamellas are very thin and look great on the window.

The disadvantages of such lamellas are the fragility of the material, if the lamella is accidentally bent, it retains shape and will no longer become new. Therefore, pi damage to the lamellas must be replaced, or replaced by the entire system with a new one.

wood and bamboo - natural materials are always highly valued, wooden lamellas have a visible texture and look great on the windows. Wooden lamellas are well suited for private rooms and home interior, these are premium blinds that will always be in place in any room. Bamboo, like a tree, is natural material and looks good, but unlike wood, bamboo lamellas are not affected by a humid environment, which allows you to install such blinds in the kitchen without the risk of damage to the lamellas. In turn, wooden canvases can be damaged with high moisture, they are deformed and when dried do not return to the original appearance.

fixation for horizontal blinds

All types of blinds can be installed both on deaf and non-tear-off sash, depending on the type of shutters of the blinds can be equipped with additional fixation systems. Such as "lower fixation", "string" or metal string. In some cases, Lightless or braid is also supplemented by the Lightless system.

Lower fixation - used on aluminum blinds, as well as wooden and bamboo products. C fixers, depending on the products, may differ, for example, the fittings will be white on white blinds, and for color - transparent. The fixation consists of two plugs and two latches, such a system holds the lower part of the product and does not allow to deviate from the window frame. The fixers hold only the lower weighting agent, such a system is enough to fix the blinds on the opened sash, but when installing on the attic windows, the angle of inclination can be too large, and the lamellas will sag under its own weight, even if there is a lower latch.

Strina - in the string version, both PVC fishing line and a metal cable can be used. The string in any version is used to fix the product, but is distinguished by material. The string passes through each lamella and holds them even on attic windows. Such a system should be used, if you plan, frequent opening of the blinds, that is, lifting all the lamellas to the cornice. If the blinds are controlled only by turning the lamellas, then the standard lower latches will be enough. When lifting the blinds, the lamellas gradually grind the string and over time it can break, therefore, a metal cable is used as an analogue, which will already be impossible to damage. The cable greatly increases the service life of the fixation even with the active use of the blinds.

You can order white plugs and latches, as well as a string system in our online production at favorable prices from the manufacturer. We also offer to order blinds on individual sizes with delivery in Ukraine. Quickly and efficiently. If questions arise - contact the contact numbers indicated on the site and our specialists will answer all your questions.

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