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Horizontal blinds

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Валик для горизонтальных жалюзи. Продается как штучно так и оптом. Применяется в карнизе для горизонтальных алюминиевых жалюзи.

Horizontal blinds are a very popular means of sunscript that has unique features, and even given the many more advanced sunscreen systems, blinds are in wide demand and do not leave the sunscreens' market. So what is the popularity of the blinds and why they are still universally used for sunshield. Initially, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the blinds, compared to other systems, remain an order of magnitude cheaper, which allows you to close large window openings in an acceptable cost. Due to the presence of a large number of lamellas, blinds create a recognizable appearance of windows that attracts many people. According to the functionality, the blinds allow not only conveniently adjusting the luminous flux, but also at the same time close the window from prying eyes, nothing will be visible through the lamellas from the street, and the review remains partially from the inside. Lamels for blinds are made of aluminum and do not pass the sun's rays, so on a hot day they protect the room from overheating well, and in the evening they do not display silhouettes on the windows.

Horizontal blinds consist of several main structural elements - this is cornice and lamellas.

cornice - consists of painted aluminum, can be both white or under the color of lamella. Inside the cornice is the rotation and retention mechanism, as well as other elements to ensure the operation of the system, including rollers. The roller for horizontal blinds is dressed on a rotary axis and holds ladies, when turning the axis of the ladder, lamellas are deployed in one direction or another. The axis is turning through the mechanism to which the cane is connected. It turns out a fairly simple but cunning control system that has a minimum of moving elements, which means that it has maximum reliability, while maintaining the necessary functionality. The weak place of the horizontal blinds is lamellas and cords, the lamellas are easily crumbling and do not restore their shape with bends, so they specially add a small bend at the time of production, this increases the rigidity of each lamella, and they do not sag under their own weight even on wide blinds. Laralges, in turn, are necessary to keep and turn the lamellas using a system of rollers and mechanisms. In addition, the blinds can be lifted upward, while a special cord is used, which, if you use the blinds incorrectly, can gradually wipe it. That is why it is not always recommended to replace the components in blinds, but to order a new product, because if the lamellas are damaged, and the system for more than one year, the cord can also become unusable.

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