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Cane for horizontal blinds

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Трость для горизонтальных жалюзи. Поставляется комплектом с крючком и ручкой. Длина трости 75см.
Механизмы и ремкомплекты Управление

Horizontal blinds are widely used in the modern interior of not only apartments, but also offices, as well as in schools and kindergartens. The main advantages of such designs are a favorable cost of finished products compared to other types of sunscreens, as well as the maximum functionality for their money.

The canvas of the blinds consists of aluminum lamellas, which are located horizontally on the window frame, this is made of horizontal blinds. The lamellas turn along their axis, thereby regulate the level of lighting in the room. The lamellas are made of aluminum, so the blinds do not shine through and do not let heat into the room, they also do not burn out in the sun and do not rust in wet rooms. It is thanks to their advantages that the blinds occupy a leading position and are often found in modern interiors. Only blinds have pronounced recognizable features of the system that cannot be confused with anything.

Unfortunately, aluminum blinds, like other types of systems, sometimes become unusable, this happens even by chance, because the design has weaknesses, so they are most subject to damage. < /p>

Consider options for breakdowns of aluminum blinds, as well as how to repair horizontal blinds with your own hands.

  1. Lamelian damage.
  2. Damage to the hook or cane.
  3. Damage to the mechanism.
  4. There are also more complex breakdowns that require repair from the manufacturer, or replacing the product with a new one.

    With such breakdowns, it is recommended to replace and there are a number of objective reasons for this. For example, a complex breakdown is a break in a cord or a ladder on a blinds, with a frequent rise and lowering the lamellas, the cords can be ground over time, this is due to the design of the system, horizontal blinds are designed to regulate light by turning the lamellas, and their lifting and lowering is carried out to free the glass From lamella, for example, when cleaning. If the cord or ladies to fix the lamellas frayed, most likely part of the lamellas can fall and be damaged, which will increase the cost of repairs. Also, if the blinds are used so actively that some of the cords have become unusable is a high probability that other elements, such as mechanisms and canvas are already partially worn out. As a result, even when repairing such structures, almost 50% of components are replaced, while leaving old parts that will not look new. That is why we recommend, instead of repairing old blinds, ordering new from new durable details that will not require repair for a long time. Fortunately, the cost of finished products on our website is indicated at the price of the manufacturer and is not subject to additional margins, so with any breakdown, the replacement of the blinds will not be expensive for you.

    Now that we have figured out complex and simple breakdowns, let's look at how to repair the blinds with our own hands with simple breakdowns.

    The most common cause of damage to the blinds is a breakdown of a hook or a control can, the mechanisms are a rather strong element of the structure and break extremely rarely compared to the cane. In case of damage to the lamellas, to replace them with new ones, a complete disassembly of the product is required, which is quite difficult to perform at home. Therefore, we consider how to correctly replace a cane with horizontal blinds, without disassembling the entire product.

    The cane for blinds is supplied separately or assembled along with the hook and pen, the handles are almost eternal and easily rearranged from one cane to another, which cannot be said about hooks. The length of the default cane is 75 cm, this is the standard size of which is supplied with all types of blinds of our production, but if the product is mounted high enough and has a larger height, the cane can be increased for the convenience of using the product. Because at the height of the blinds of 2 meters of the cane of 75cm it will not be enough because it will hang under the ceiling, for such blinds the cane can be longer, but keep in mind that this is a very fragile structure of the structure that breaks during shots and bends, therefore, the longer the cane, The higher the chance to break it.

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    When buying a new cane, we recommend ordering several hooks with it, because this is the most vulnerable part of the blinds and they will be useful anyway.

    Now that you already have a new cane, it is enough to remove the hook from it for the convenience of installation and hook it over a special eye inside the mechanism, the hooks are installed tight, so a small force may be required To hook it. After the hook is installed in place in it, the cane is inserted and the repair is completed on this, now you can check the work of the blinds using a new cane.

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