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PVC string

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Струна ПВХ (леска) для горизонтальных жалюзи. Применяется в системе фиксации изделия. Фиксация удерживает жалюзи в плоскости окна.

horizontal blinds is one of the popular sunscreen for office and home. The blinds have a unique appearance that distinguishes them from rolled curtains and other sunscreen systems. Due to their uniqueness, the blinds do not go out of fashion, because they have practically no analogues in terms of ratio and functionality.

Horizontal blinds are a fairly simple product, but the assembly requires accuracy and specific skills.

blinds consist of a cornice with mechanisms, as well as lamellas, which play the role of a canvas for sunshield.

Lameli can be of different widths, as well as from various materials for example:

plastic is now practically not used, such lamellas are growing rapidly compared to aluminum.

aluminum is a classic version for the manufacture of modern lamellas, aluminum is painted in the necessary color, it does not burn out in the sun and tolerates high temperatures well.

wood - premium material, wooden blinds have a unique appearance and are in demand in private offices and leaders' offices, wooden blinds have no analogues, for an interior in the shawl style it will be perfect combination.

blinds of all species have fixation options, since the cornice always remains, is fixed, and the lamellas are freely hanging, sometimes it needs to be fixed so that the blinds do not dangle, especially this is relevant for the rotary folding wits or attic windows. We will look at the options for fixing the blinds:

Lower fixation is a system consisting of two plugs and two latches, such blinds are easy to fix, and it is also possible to fix with fixation even ready blinds that are already on the windows. To do this, replace the lower plastic plugs, with new ones with a special response mechanism, as well as fix two latches on the window frame, which will hold the product close to the frame. The latches do not make it possible to raise the lamellas in order to fully open the window, it is necessary to first disconnect the blinds from the latches, and then raise the lamellas.

string - type of complete fixation, including lamellas. A special guide fishing line passes through all the blinds, which is fixed in the cornice and in the lower part of the blinds, due to this fixation of the lamella, they do not sag and are held in the plane of the sash. The pluses of fixing the string are the ability to open the window partially, while the lamellas will also be held regardless of their position. This type of fixation is mounted only in production, it will be impossible to install it on freely hanging blinds, since for the string it is necessary to have additional holes in each lamella, therefore, when placing the order, it is necessary to indicate the presence of fixers in advance so that the necessary holes are added during the manufacture of the product. < /p>

In our online production, you can order all types of fixers for horizontal blinds, as well as finished products in individual sizes. We are a manufacturer of horizontal blinds, roller curtains, a day or a day as well as vertical blinds and Roman curtains with delivery in Ukraine.

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