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Metal string for horizontal blinds

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Металлическая струна (трос) для горизонтальных жалюзи. Применяется в системе фиксации изделия. Фиксация удерживает жалюзи в плоскости окна.

Horizontal aluminum blinds are used everywhere and have proven themselves as a product that provides maximum functionality at a favorable price, and also do not break and do not break. Such systems have all the advantages of sunscreen. The disadvantages include only the number of shades, there are quite a lot of them, but if you compare with the fabrics in rolled curtains, it is worth recognizing that the curtains have the largest assortment of materials. Horizontal blinds are the only system that has a special enhanced fixation, this is due to the materials from which the system is made.

Fixing options for blinds, as well as the pros and cons of each of them.

freely hanging - this option is more "for a checkmark", as a reminder that the blinds are not only fixed, but also freely hanging, such systems can hang out on the windows and that is why fixers are used. When ordering blinds, pay attention to the type of fixers, otherwise by default you can get a system in which the fixation is not provided and there is only a lower fixation option to improve it.

Lower fixation is a standard system for fixing aluminum blinds, profitable in cost, so many people order it by default, in case it is required, the blinds will already be equipped with the necessary plugs. The lower fixation is 2 special plugs that are mounted on the lower bar and equipped with hooks, as well as 2 latches that are mounted on the window frame and, if necessary, hold the blinds. A similar fixation system is available exclusively for blinds, because other types of products do not have the possibilities of turning the lamellas to adjust lighting.

the lower fixation can be installed even on products that were originally made as freely hanging, to improve the system, it is enough to buy a lower fixation set and install it on blinds, while the blinds themselves are not even necessary Remove from the window.

PVC string is a modern fixation system that is installed in the production of blinds. For its installation, it is necessary to break through the additional holes in the lamellas and this is done on the machine in the factory, so if you want blinds with the PVC string fixation, it is necessary to inform the manufacturer before placing an order. If the blinds were made without holes for the string, the system will no longer be able to improve, since this requires a complete disassembly of the blinds and refinement of the lamellas, which is close to the order of the new product at the cost.

the metal string is used only in horizontal blinds due to the specifics of the product, there is enough lamellash to hold the lamellas, but if the blinds are often lifted and lowered, then aluminum lamellas can gradually damage PVC string Because of what it breaks off. Therefore, if you knowly know that the blinds will be actively used, it is recommended to order a metal string for blinds, such a string is not damaged by lamps and serves for a long time. Since the steel cable is difficult to hold in a stretched state, such a system has special springs, they hold the cable in a small stretch so that the lamellas have a small backlash.

the result

The simplest and most effective fixation mechanism for horizontal blinds is lower fixation. If the product is often inclined, the string should be used to hold all the lamellas without sagging. And in the case of frequent lifting and lowering the lamellas, the use of a metal string is recommended.

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