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Horizontal shuttle

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Ручка для горизонтальных жалюзи. Применяется для установки на трость управления. Цвет: прозрачный

horizontal blinds is a unique product that remains relevant in all types of interior and has a unique appearance. The blinds are popular due to the invariable appearance and functionality. Thanks to many small lamellas, the blinds allow us to conveniently adjust the lighting level, aluminum components do not require special care, and if necessary, are easily washed with cleaning products. Unlike other types of sunscreen, blinds can be installed even with high humidity and nothing threatens products.

The design of horizontal blinds is quite simple, it is a cornice with the power-holding mechanisms, as well as the lamellas and the control system. The cornice consists of an aluminum profile, inside which the mechanism and the cord system itself are located, due to this design, the blinds remain simple to use, they are corny there are no elements that may break. The mechanism allows lifting lamellas using special cord control, and ladies are held on which lamellas are held are deployed in any direction around their axis, thus, the amount of light in the rooms is regulated.

Complete with the mechanisms there are a cord with a special bell for ease of use, as well as a cane for rotating lamellas. The mechanism itself consists of two parts, one is responsible for lifting the lamellas, and the second is for a turn, which is why two options are used, the cord lifts the lamellas, and the cane turns around its axis.

Also on our website there are options with mono controls, in such blinds one control circuit is used, which turns and lifts the lamellas at the same time, initially, if you pull the lamella's chain, and when the blinds are completely Closed, they begin to rise or fall. Systems with a mono -administration are called Magnus and Venus. In addition to mono -management, such blinds have several structural differences, consider them more details.

Venus blinds - the advantage of this system is a special flat cornice, such blinds are especially relevant on windows with a limited opening angle, the blinds do not interfere with the opening and mechanisms do not increase the dimensions of the wings. But there are several nuances, since the cornice is located between the stacks inside the frame, it takes at least 1.5 cm height of the stimulus to install the blinds, otherwise the cornice may not fit and will rest against the glass. Venus blinds can be equipped with various types of lamellas, including 16mm and 25mm aluminum, or 25mm wooden, which makes this system varied with the possibility of installation in all types of interior.

The blinds of Magnus - have a mono -controlled manner like the Venus system, but are mounted similarly to classic cornices on window sashes, which means the cornice occupies a small space on the leaflets. But if you want to order unique blinds with unusual control, then the blinds Magnus will be a good solution, they have all the pluses of blinds, while there are no minuses in the form of a cane and cord, which are not always convenient to control the product. In addition, chain control itself is quite interesting and allows you to easily and quickly open and close the blinds.

Classic horizontal blinds, unlike other species, are controlled quite simply, a cane is connected to the mechanism on which the hook and handle are dressed, it is easy to turn the lamellas with a cane, and the cord understands the whole canvas entirely , freeing the light opening. If it is necessary to replace the components of the cane, together with the hook and the handle, but you can order all the components separately on our website.

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