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Crohgstein for fixing horizontal blinds

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Кронштейн для горизонтальных жалюзи. Применяется для установки жалюзи на оконную раму, используется для стандартных карнизов для алюминиевых жалюзи с шириной ламелей 25мм и 16мм.

Horizontal blinds have gained popularity due to efficiency and multifunctionality. They are easy to care for, suitable for all types of interior and have a recognizable silhouette that distinguishes blinds from all other types of sunscreens. Everyone knows what blinds are and how they work, even contrary to the emergence of more modern systems on the sun protection market, the blinds remain popular until now and do not lose their popularity.

The design of the blinds has undergone small changes over time, but this mainly applies to the addition of modern materials and production methods, and technologically did not change.

The product is based on an aluminum cornice, inside of which there is a rotation mechanisms, and holding lamellas, as well as the cornice holds the lamella.

Lameli made of an aluminum with a width of 25mm or 16mm, which are fixed using a ladder and cord. The ladder allows you to turn the lamellas around its axis, and the cord lifts and lowers the lamella, thereby opening the light opening. To keep the lamellas in the window plane, a lower fixation system or a special cable is used. The blinds are perfect for installation in the home interior, as well as in offices and any other types of premises, they do not rust and protect well from sunlight. In addition to sun protection, blinds are mounted in open offices, for example, separated by glass partitions, blinds close workers from extraneous views, and if necessary, they can be opened thereby increasing the space.

Systems for fixing the blinds

blinds have several fixation options that are used in various situations.

Lower fixation is a classic budget option, which often complete all products. Such a system consists of two clamps and two plugs that are mounted on the sides on the lower weighting bar. Clates for plugs are required to be installed at the lower extreme point of the blinds. Now that the blinds are closed as close as possible in the lower position, they can be fixed, while the lamellas can rotate, thereby allowing the room lighting. This option of fixers is popular precisely because the blinds rise up extremely rarely, often when you need to wash the windows in other cases, it is enough to turn the lamellas.

PVC string system and cable are similar options that differ in fixation materials. The fixation itself consists of fishing line and special corners with pins to hold fishing line. When using the “string” fixation in each lamella, a special hole is made through which the fishing line passes, in this version the entire canvas is held in the window plane and does not deviate, this is a good option for the attic windows, as well as the tear -off wits. Instead of PVC of the fishing line, a metal cable can be used in this system, which performs similar functions for fixing the lamellas, but there are a small nuance, aluminum lamellas with frequent rise and lowering gradually grind the fishing line, therefore, with frequent opening of the blinds, the cable does not grind and serves significantly Longer, it is recommended to use it only in case of frequent opening of the blinds, but if you plan to only turn the lamellas, it will be enough of the classic lower fixation system.

installation of horizontal blinds with your own hands

Horizontal blinds are fixed on the window frame with the help of metal-shaped white brackets. The bracket allows you to fix the product in two planes: vertical and horizontal. The blinds are mounted like a wall, on a window sash, or on the ceiling. If you don’t need to carry out the blinds and the measurements are not required, it is enough to fix the brackets at the mounting site and install the cornice on them. There are special hooks on the brackets that are designed to fix the cornice, when installing brackets, the hooks should be at the top of the bracket, since the cornice implies only a vertical installation.

In some cases, blinds are equipped with other types of brackets, for example, an option with a twist rotary fixation. Often, such accessories are supplied to the products on mono control as the Magnus system. And also for wooden blinds. The bracket twist is more kept by the cornice and are used in wooden blinds, because they have a large weight compared to aluminum lamellas.

In our online production, you can also order ready-made horizontal blinds made of aluminum, wood and bamboo for individual sizes.

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