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Anwis twist bracket for horizontal blinds

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Кронштейн для горизонтальных жалюзи твист anwis. Применяется для установки жалюзи на оконную раму, используется для стандартных карнизов для алюминиевых жалюзи с шириной ламелей 25мм и 16мм.

horizontal blinds are unique products that, due to their design, remain relevant and do not lose popularity. Thanks to the many horizontal lamellas, the blinds allow us to conveniently adjust the lighting, as well as protect against the scorching sun in the summer. The blinds consist of cornice and aluminum lamellas, which in turn can vary among themselves. Consider what blinds are and how they differ from the lamella.

Aluminum is a standard option for most blinds, aluminum lamellas displaced plastic analogues, since aluminum is more durable and does not burn out even when heated in the sun. Lameli can be 16mm and 25 mm wide. Blinds of 25mm is a standard option that you can see on the windows both in a home environment and in offices. 16mm lamps are considered more rare, they are smaller, which means that more lamellas are required to close the light opening, but thanks to the large number of small stripes, narrow blinds look much more interesting on the windows. For example, it is recommended to use the narrow lamellas for private rooms and offices, they will pleasantly highlight the blinds and will attract their eyes.

Wooden and bamboo blinds are produced by a width of the lamella 25mm and 50mm, there are no narrow options here, because wooden lamellas are heavier than aluminum and narrow options will be too fragile when used.

For particularly wide blinds, it is recommended to use 50mm lamella, they are stronger, which means they will last much longer without & nbsp; Form losses.

All types of blinds are mounted on the windows using two types of brackets, classic G-shaped corners and "twist" brackets with a rotary mechanism.

Standard brackets are equipped with special hooks for the cornice, while installing it is enough to press on the cornice and it is snap in the bracket. Inside the cornice there are special rounded edges that allow you to fix it on brackets.

The bracket tweet is a corner with rotary elements, the cornice sponges are connected to a special handle, initially the bracket allows you to easily install the cornice, after which the fastening unfolds and is clamped inside the cornice. The twist corners simplify the dismantling of the cornice, and also hold the blinds stronger. This option of fasteners is supplied with the wooden blinds, as well as the Magnus blinds on the mono -control, this is due to the fact that wooden blinds have a lot of weight than aluminum, which means that reinforced mounts are required.

If necessary, you can order a twist corners separately for aluminum blinds and install the product on them, this will simplify the dismantling of the cornice in the future.

Do not forget that the lamellas for blinds are not only white, but also colored, and the cornice of the corresponding color is also made to colored lamella. Color blinds allow you to diversify the interior and make bright colors. In addition, in our online production, you can order aluminum blinds with alternating lamellas, select two or more shades to alternate lamellas, you can’t alternate lamellas of different widths, this is due to the difference in the ladies and the distance between the lamellas.

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