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Lower fixation set for horizontal blinds

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В комплект входит: 2 заглушки и 2 фиксатора.
Механизмы и ремкомплекты Фиксаторы горизонт

Horizontal aluminum blinds are classic means of sunscript that have no structural analogues and have a recognizable silhouette on the windows. The blinds have undergone some changes from the moment of its appearance, but the basic principle of work remained unchanged. That is why there are always people who like this type of sunshield and do not want to change it to anything else. Even taking into account more modern roller curtains, aluminum blinds are still an actual means of sunshield, which will not go out of fashion for a long time.

The design of the blinds can be supplemented with fixers or fishing fishing fishing lines in the window plane.

There are several options for fixing the product, we will analyze how they work:

  1. PVC Flacks - used for complete fixation of the product throughout the height. When installing the fishing line of each lamella, a hole for the string is additionally made, which passes through each lamella and holds it in the window plane. The fishing line is fixed on both sides of the product, one side is mounted in the cornice, and the second in special metal locks. Previously, before fixing the fishing line, it must be pulled so that it holds the product and lamella.
  2. Metal string - this type of fixation is an analogue of PVC string, but instead of it a metal cable is mounted, which does not grind and serves much longer than the classic string. This type of fixation is used if the blinds are often planned to be raised completely, the metal string when lifting and lowering the lamellas does not ripe and last longer than its PVC analogue.
  3. The system of fixers is the most common option for attaching a system that combines sufficient functionality and profitable cost. The latches hold the lower blind bar in the extreme lower position and do not allow the design to hang out when opening the sash. Such fixers have several pluses and minuses, the pluses include the possibility of installing fixation, even if the product did not initially mean this type of fixers, it is enough to change the plugs and fix the fixers to make installation. For PVC and a metal string, this option is impossible, because if there are no holes in the lamellas, it will be impossible to fix the strings. The disadvantages can be attributed to the fixation of the product only in the lower extreme position without the possibility of holding the blinds if they are partially raised up. Otherwise, in terms of price/quality of analogues, there is no lower fixation system.
  4. The fixation system is used on inclined windows, or on the opened wings. Clings hold the product and do not allow it to hang out when opening the window and deviate from the sash if the curtain is installed in ventilation mode.

    The set of lower fixers is used in horizontal aluminum blinds to fix the product on the window frame. C fixers can be useful in two cases:

    1. If you initially ordered blinds without fixers and you want to install them additionally you need to order a set of lower fixation.
    2. If the locks are damaged and require replacement, just order a new set and replace the components.
    3. How to install a set of lower fixation on blinds

      Lower fixation, like the other accessories for horizontal blinds are two colors, white and transparent.

      If the blinds with lamella and the cornice of white color, then the accessories are installed respectively white. If the blinds are colored or in the color of metallic and other colors, then the accessories are installed transparent so as not to stand out against the background of everything else.

      The kit includes two plugs that are installed on the lower bar and two fixers.

      If you replace, the old plugs from the product should be dismantled and new in their place, after which two mounts are mounted on the window frame to fix the blinds. The fastenings are installed at the highest possible level of the system, that is, the blinds are required to be lowered to the lower extreme position, after which the latch can be installed next to the plugs. C fixers must click freely, without additional load on the mechanism. If the product is in voltage, this will accelerate the wear of the mechanisms and increase the load on the cornice and brackets, and as a result will reduce the service life of the blinds.

      Repair is made by analogy with the replacement of components. If desired, you can replace only the damaged parts of the structure, or entirely the whole set of locks and plugs so that they do not differ from each other.

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