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The lock is transparent for horizontal blinds

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Фиксатор прозрачный для горизонтальных алюминиевых жалюзи. Устанавливается на раму окна и удерживает жалюзи в вертикальной плоскости. Рекомендуется устанавливать комплектом 2 фиксатора и 2 заглушки под фиксатор. Используется в жалюзи с цветными ламелями.

horizontal blinds is a classic sunscreen, which is known for its appearance and unique functionality. Thanks to the many connected lamellas, a whole canvas is created, which allows you to regulate the lighting, without opening the light opening and remaining closed from prying eyes. Thanks to such advantages, blinds take their place in the assortment of sunscript, and there are no analogues yet.

The blinds consist of a cornice in which the mechanisms are installed, as well as lamellas that unfold around its axis, thereby allowing the level of illumination in the room. The lamellas are made of painted aluminum, so the blinds do not rust and do not burn out in the sun, maintaining their color the entire service life.

standard aluminum blinds can be equipped with a fixation system, it can be several types:

Lower fixation - consists of two plugs and two fixers, the plugs are installed on the lower weighting sensor and fix the product to the locks, thanks to such a blind system, they will be fixed in the upper and lower part. The fixation system is designed for installation on rotary-oxide wings, but often mounted on all blinds to ensure the maximum fit of the product to the window.

Furniture for blinds comes in two versions: white - if the lamella and the cornice of white color, then all components will be white. And also transparent, if the blinds are colored. Transparent fittings are not distinguished on the system, so that the product looks holistic and concise.

string - fixation, in which special guides of fishing lines pass through each lamella, they hold blinds even with a strong slope of the wrapping. This is especially true for attic windows. In addition, the string system allows you to fix the product even if the blinds cover the window by half. For example, if necessary, open part of the light opening and raise the lamella, the blinds will not hang out. But pay attention to the "string" system is installed in the production of products and if the blinds were originally made in the form of freely hanging, it will be no longer possible to add the string system. This is due to the fact that during the production for the string it is required to add an additional hole in the cornice and in the lamella, if the lamellas is already cut to add a hole to them.

In our online production, you can order components for horizontal blinds, as well as for repairing blinds with your own hands. In addition, we are a manufacturer of sunscreens in terms of individual sizes, so the assortment has not only blinds but also roller curtains as well as PLISSI systems, Roman curtains, vertical blinds and protective ralles.

In case of additional questions - contact the phone number specified on the site and our experts will gladly provide consultation for all types of sunscreens.

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