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White fixer for horizontal blinds

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Фиксатор белый для горизонтальных алюминиевых жалюзи. Устанавливается на раму окна и удерживает жалюзи в плоскости окна. Рекомендуется устанавливать комплектом 2 фиксатора и 2 заглушки под фиксатор. Используется в жалюзи с ламелями белого цвета.

Horizontal blinds of white is a classic for home and office, white lamellas are great for all types of interior because they themselves do not have bright accents. Often, if you cannot decide which color of curtains or blinds to choose, you will be recommended precisely by neutral white. The blinds themselves are unique, they stand apart, among sunscreen systems and often if the issue of choice becomes, then it sounds like: curtains or blinds.

We will consider in more detail what horizontal blinds are so good and why they are relevant now and will not lose their popularity for a long time. They are quite simple in operation, maintenance and repair. When cleaning the lamella, it is enough to wipe with a damp or soap sponge and for blinds it is absolutely safe, so the blinds are well used in the kitchen, since this is an environment of high humidity and even with pollution it will be easier to clean the curtains. Laws for rotary-oxide wings are often complemented by a fixation system so that the lamellas do not deviate from the window, and the system looks more aesthetically correct.

Fixing options for horizontal blinds

In our online production, you can order all types of fixation for blinds, as well as ready-made products for individual sizes. Also, if you have blinds without fixation, you can order a set of fixers separately and install it on ready -made blinds, while no changes in the design are required.

Lower fixation-consists of 4 parts, namely 2 plugs and 2 mounts on the window frame. The plugs are mounted on the lower weighting agent, they are equipped with special response parts to the latch. The fixers themselves are mounted on the window frame, after which the lower weight of the blinds is clung to them. The system for lower fixation will be fixed in the lower and upper part, but the lamellas themselves remain free, the lower latches are enough for rotary and leather wings, but when installing blinds on the attic windows, it is better to use the “string” set.

string - consists of fishing line and fasteners for it, the fishing line is fixed in the cornice, and the lower latches allow you to pull and fix it. It should be borne in mind that the fixation of the string can be installed only in the production process of the blinds and is not installed on finished products that are not prepared for the installation of the string. In the production of blinds with a string in each lamella, an additional hole is made through which strings pass. This type of fixation is perfect for all types of windows, the blinds are held regardless of the location of the lamellas, and even in the case of partially raised lamelles they will remain fixed on the string. This option works better on rotary-oxidal wings, as well as on attic windows, because the entire structure, including lamellas, is in the window plane, regardless of the lamellash position.

metal string - the system in its principle of operation repeats the classic version of the "string", but instead of PVC of the fishing line, a metal cable is used, which withstands a greater tension, and also lasts a long time. For fixing the cable, reinforced corners with pins for tension are supplied. A metal string is the most expensive type of fixation, so if you do not plan, frequent opening of the blinds and lifting lowering lamellas, it is enough to use the standard set of fixers.

options for using the blinds - we determined that the blinds are mounted on separate sash, but they can also easily be installed on the wall or inside the window opening to close several sutures at once. In addition, blinds are well complemented by metal -plastic doors with glass, as well as offices with panoramic glazing. Long blinds from floor to ceiling visually expand the space and allow you to turn the lamellas and close from prying eyes in one movement.

How to measure the blinds before ordering

When ordering horizontal blinds, you need to specify the finished size of the product, this means that the size you specified will be perceived as a dimensional, taking into account the cornice. To install the blinds on the sash, it is enough to measure the width and height along the castle part of the stack and add 35mm to the height (cornice size). When installing the blinds, the cornice will protrude over the upper stack of 35mm and the lamella will close the stacks in width and height.

It should be remembered that the installation and measured it is desirable to carry out the same person, because some experts measure the blinds "in their own", therefore, the product can turn out more or wider. There are options for installing blinds at the same height to observe symmetry, in which case the height of the products will differ in height by 10cm.

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