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Venus and Magnus mono-control blinds

Blinds are a classic decorative element, but the budget version of systems with classic control in the form of a cane and cord is often in demand. But there are more modern systems for plastic windows on the market, which use mechanisms with chain monocontrol. Mono-control systems come in two types, on a flat cornice and on a classic one, this distinguishes them by appearance and type of installation. Let's take a closer look at the options for mono-control blinds.

Venus system

The main difference between the Venus system and all types of blinds is a flat cornice with a plastic lining. The system is designed in such a way that the cornice with lamellas is placed between the glazing beads and is fixed using a plastic lining. For installation, you need to remove the side plugs and, after fixing them, put them in place, hiding the attachment points. When installing the Venus system, the cornice does not hang on the window frame and does not interfere with the opening of the sash, which is very convenient when installing on sashes with a limited opening angle.

The Venus system also has several additional advantages:

Installation of the lightless system - the standard ladder for blinds is replaced with a thicker braid that covers the holes in the slats. With this combination in the closed position, there are no open holes in the slats, and the blinds completely block out sunlight.
Selecting the width of the slats - for Venus blinds it is possible to install both standard slats with a width of 25mm, as well as a more modern version of 16mm. Thanks to many small stripes, a more interesting effect and non-standard pattern on the window is created. For home use, it is the option with 16mm slats that is recommended, as it attracts the eye and looks more interesting on the window.
Installation of wooden slats - in addition to classic aluminum slats, the Venus system can also be equipped with slats made of natural wood and bamboo, which gives it a special charm and presentable appearance. At the same time, the blinds do not lose functionality, the system works without problems and supports the installation of braid, which gives the product a sophisticated appearance. Please note that when installing wooden slats, only a slate width of 25mm is possible.
Possibility to choose different options of plastic linings to match the color of the windows. White, brown, golden oak and others. Thanks to this function, blinds look ideal on laminated windows and on natural wood frames.
Installation of the "string" system is supplied with the product. Thanks to full fixation, the product is held on the window frame even on tilt-and-turn sashes.

Due to the many features of Venus blinds, this is the best choice if you are already tired of classic blinds, but you don’t want to install roller blinds yet. Venus belongs to the premium segment of blinds and can be installed on any type of window without hesitation. This design will add attractiveness to the interior even in rooms with an abundance of wooden elements.

Magnus system

Magnus blinds are more reminiscent of a classic version of blinds with a similar cornice. That is, such a system is mounted both on the sash and on the wall and allows you to close not only individual sashes, but also window openings. This system is also equipped with mono control using a single circuit. When the chain is scrolled, the lamellas first turn and then rise, and the same happens in the opposite direction. Venus blinds are a good choice if you need to install more modern blinds in place of old ones.

Also, the Magnus system can be equipped with a string fixation system to fix the lamellas in an inclined position.