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How to choose blackout curtains for protection from the sun and heat

Blackout is a special series of fabrics whose name speaks of their functionality. Any fabric from the blackout series has the ability to darken 100%. This category of fabrics is used in several cases, for example, protection from the sun and heat, when it is necessary to sleep during the day, as well as in cities with white nights.

Pros and cons of blackout curtains

  1. Protection from prying eyes - unlike classic roller blinds, blackout does not allow sunlight to pass through at any time of the day, which means it can protect you from views not only during the day but also in the evening. The curtain removes silhouettes, thereby providing complete privacy for the owners of the house.
  2. Blackout curtains are durable; thanks to the rubberized base, the curtain does not fade in the sun and is not afraid of high humidity, which has a positive effect on its service life.
  3. Blackout fabrics do not require careful care. Curtains are coated with special dust-repellent antistatic impregnations that repel dust. If necessary, simply wipe the fabric with a damp sponge to remove surface dirt.
  4. Wide variety of colors. More than 1000 fabrics are used in roller blinds, some of which are always presented in blackout series. Blackout is a fabric similar to roller blinds, which is similar in color to roller blinds, but is on a rubberized base, which acts as 100% sun protection.
    In terms of cost, blackout curtains are practically no different from roller blinds, and such fabrics can be a little more expensive than the most budget options, but in terms of their functionality, they are more likely in the middle price category than in the expensive segment. Another thing is special thermal fabrics; they are equipped with a special reflective coating that reflects heat and sunlight.
  5. The disadvantages include the peculiarities in the care of the fabric; blackout curtains cannot be wrinkled, as they hold their shape well; therefore, when bends appear, the curtain will retain this shape and will not straighten out. Also, blackout fabrics, like other types of roller blinds, are not recommended to be washed. Aggressive cleaning agents and physical impact can erase dust-repellent impregnations and even damage the fabric, so soft wet cleaning is allowed, but under no circumstances washing.


Blackout fabrics can vary in their structure, and this partly affects the light transmission of the fabric itself. Often the simplest and most effective way is to place the fabric on an opaque rubberized base that does not allow sunlight to pass through; with this option, the fabric is double-sided, which means that from the outside it looks like fabric, and from the outside it looks like a rubber base, which can be white, or rubber that matches the color of the fabric. The second option for blackout fabrics is a multi-layer fabric, in which case the outer layers are a colored base with a pattern or texture, and inside between the layers there can be either a rubberized base or a denser black fabric that does not allow sunlight to pass through. Multilayer blackout options are often used in day-night curtains, where the fabric can be displayed on either side as it rotates “in a circle,” so it is necessary to ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance even if the fabric is unfolded.

Areas in which blackout fabric is effectively used

Blackout fabrics are not always recommended for installation at home because creating complete darkness is often not required. But there are specific rooms where the issue of shading is particularly acute, we will consider them in detail.

  1. A cinema, a darkroom, a nightclub are places where it is important to maintain complete darkness at any time of the day for one reason or another. Sometimes the quality of the establishment’s work depends on complete darkness, and blackout fabrics do an excellent job of this task.
  2. An office center, a conference hall or a business center - office premises are often not covered with thick curtains; for this, classic fabrics are enough that will diffuse sunlight without blocking it completely. But in conference rooms, projectors are installed for presentations and their operation requires the absence of daylight; it is in such cases that it is recommended to install blackout curtains in the conference room to create a 100% blackout effect and comfortable work.
  3. Bedrooms or children's rooms are exactly the case when blackout curtains show themselves most effectively at home. The absence of daylight is especially important for the bedroom, as well as for the children's room, when daytime sleep is necessary.

Bottom line

Blackout curtains are an excellent choice for creating privacy, as well as performing 100% blackout tasks. The blackout series is not always the best choice; for example, for a living room or kitchen such curtains will shade the room too much, so designers often do not recommend them for spacious rooms that require a lot of soft light. In turn, for a bedroom or nursery, as well as an office or cinema, blackout is a necessity, so they occupy their niche in sun protection systems, which are not only decorative, but also truly functional curtains that fully fulfill the tasks assigned to them.

Tip: for a bedroom, a combination of blackout curtains with classic curtains is good; in the daytime, the windows can easily be closed with curtains made of thin and light fabric, and in the evening, on the contrary, use blackout fabric for complete privacy.