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We choose day-night curtains, advice from professionals

When it comes time to choose curtains, it can be an exciting task. It is not always possible to quickly find the necessary option, but we will share with you some tips and simplify this process for you.

Define functionality

To begin with, you should decide what functions the curtains should have and for which room they will be installed. It will be a regulation of the amount of light or a complete blackout. Is it possible to protect against ultraviolet light and help in energy saving of the premises.

Check out the color options

The choice of color is one of the most important stages because it is the most noticeable, if you can ignore the system, then the color will in any case affect the overall interior of the room. Usually, neutral colors such as white, beige, gray or anthracite are best used. They go well with almost any palette and therefore you can not worry when choosing such fabrics. But do not be afraid of experiments, you can make contrasting curtains with bright colors and they will become the accent of your room.

The size of the curtains

We make all curtains according to individual sizes, so we advise you to measure in detail exactly which curtains you need and we will make an individual product for you that will perfectly fit your windows. Curtains can be installed on each sash separately, on the wall or on the door and balcony, therefore curtains of "standard" sizes usually do not exist, each customer has his own individual product consisting of a system, fabric and additional components.

Color combinations and additional options

An interesting way to add depth to your space is to combine two or more colors, for example white and gray curtains can create an unusual style and design for your space.

Thanks to the right combination of colors and the choice of fabric texture, you can create a unique functional solution for your interior. Remember, this is your home and you deserve the best decision, so it's worth listening, but the final decision should always be yours.