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How to easily choose a color for roller blinds

When choosing colors for curtains, there are a few simple rules; you don’t have to be an expert to easily choose a beautiful combination of colors, the main thing is to follow a few simple rules. When choosing, it is important to base your choice on the style and design of the interior, as well as the color scheme inside the room. A curtain that looks good in a store may not be suitable for your space at all. Therefore, determine the main colors of the room and, if possible, the style of execution, after which you can move on to choosing curtains.

If the design of the room is already ready and the curtains are installed after the fact, you will not change the finished interior, so the window should correspond to the general style or not stand out from its background. Often a win-win option will be beige, gray or white fabric. Such curtains practically do not change the interior and, if necessary, do not affect its changes, so if you want to re-glue the wallpaper, you will not have to change the curtains because they will most likely match the new color of the walls.

If you have a lot of wood and classic wooden furniture, yellow, red, green and pink colors work well in the interior. These options are well suited for furniture in brown or varnished natural shades of wood. If the furniture is painted in other colors, start from the color of the interior.

The color of the curtains may differ from the walls. A popular opinion is to select fabrics similar to the color of the walls, but this is not always correct. In modern design, there is a special style for such rooms, it is called monocolor; in this style, all elements match each other in color and shades. We will not consider its beauty, because everyone has their own sense of taste and some like this option, while others don’t. For example, a monochromatic green or blue interior can be quite difficult to implement when selecting furniture and wallpaper, but if you choose white the situation will change dramatically. If you decide to select curtains for a monochromatic interior, the fabric should be darker or lighter in order to highlight the light opening against the background of the walls.

If you still want to make curtains in the same color as the walls, pay attention to the sizes of the curtains and other interior elements. If large objects are made of more saturated colors, then the curtain should be a darker color. If you want several light curtains, it makes sense to close each sash separately with a small system, or the entire opening with a single piece.

If you use a lot of bright accents in the room, you should choose curtains in light shades. This is done in order to dilute the interior, because if there is an overabundance of bright colors, the room will be overloaded with contrasts, in which case the bright colors begin to tire, rather than charge with positivity.

A similar situation occurs when there are calm tones in the room. Curtains can be made in bright colors and add bright colors to the interior. Curtains make it possible to greatly influence the interior at low cost; for example, if you have beige wallpaper and light-colored furniture, one bright-colored curtain will dilute the room and add bright colors to it; this method is much simpler than re-pasting wallpaper or changing furniture. In addition, the roller with fabric in the curtains can be replaced in a couple of movements, and if you have several fabrics, you can easily change the roller and shades in the room.

In addition to the color of the interior, the location of the windows in the room matters. This often applies to apartments in which different rooms face different directions of the house and the result is an effect where each room is illuminated separately or minimally. If the windows are on the sunny side, you should focus on cool colors, there is already enough lighting and bright colors combined with the hot sun in summer weather may seem too bright, but when installing blue or blue curtains the situation will change and the room will seem a little cooler than there actually is.

If the windows face north or are shaded in other ways, for example by a neighboring house or trees, then the situation will be the opposite; it is better to hang a room with a lack of light with curtains with beige yellow or other warm shades to get more bright colors.

How curtain color affects lighting

Fabrics for roller blinds are divided into several types, including standard ones made of 100% polyester, as well as special series with the effect of complete blackout, reflection of light and heat, etc. Standard fabrics are divided into series that imply the same pattern and level of permeability, but the color of the fabric is visual changes the amount of lighting. In comparison, white fabric does not change the sunlight in any way and only partially blocks it, this allows you to close the curtains during the day and the room will remain quite bright. At the same time, the curtain blocks direct sunlight and removes glare from monitor screens. But if you choose dark shades of fabrics, for example, brown, then the curtain will appear darker and there will be noticeably less light. Do not forget that bright contrasting shades fade faster in the sun, so orange or light green curtains will quickly become faded compared to white and beige.

Do not choose many shades so as not to overload the room with a variety of colors; two or three colors will be enough to choose the general style of the room and place accents. It is two or three colored rooms that look stylish and laconic in contrast to overloaded outdated designs.