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Selection of fabric for roller blinds. Pros and cons of products

Roller blinds are the most functional product in terms of compactness, sun protection and maintenance requirements. But such curtains are not suitable everywhere, if you choose the wrong fabric and the curtain system may turn out to be too strict and uncomfortable, or too bright fabrics can easily overload the interior.

The best places to install roller blinds are in maximally lit rooms with plenty of windows. Roller blinds are also installed on the shaded side of buildings, but it is necessary to choose the right fabric so as not to further darken the room, because if the curtain is rolled up most of the time, then its installation may not be practical.

Plain curtains may be too stark for a home interior. But it all depends on the interior of the room. Plain white curtains can also softly diffuse light without cluttering the room with fabric. Or multi-colored solutions with bright monochromatic accents can be a wonderful accent for the room. In a laconic style, plain curtains are perfect for the kitchen and living room, as well as the bedroom. Also, plain fabrics will help solve some technical problems, for example, to hide from prying eyes, or to leave the curtain partially open for more light.

Large windows are quite difficult to decorate, but roller blinds allow you to get by with a minimal amount of fabric even on large openings. A roller blind covers the entire window with one thin layer of fabric without the need for draperies or stock of fabric, and since all systems are made to individual sizes, it is easy to make the necessary product specifically for your windows.

Curtain cost

The cost of the product depends on several factors - the chosen system and its color, as well as the chosen fabric. Roller blinds can be either a fairly budget solution or quite expensive. It all often depends on the fabric and size of the curtains. There are special budget series, for example “linen”, in which the curtain will fully perform all the main functions, but the fabric itself is not something non-standard. On the other hand, there are series with texture and complex patterns, but they will differ in cost. You can always indicate the required curtain sizes on our website and select different fabrics; the calculator will immediately calculate the cost of the finished product, thus, by choosing different fabrics, you can easily navigate the cost of the product and choose the best option.

In addition to visual differences, fabrics also differ in functionality, as well as in the level of permeability. For example, for a room with a projector or a home theater, fabrics with 100% blackout are used. Their cost may differ from simpler fabrics. The structure of curtains can also be translucent or partially transparent, textured and reflective. Do not forget that darker shades of curtains visually darken the room compared to white fabrics, which is why it may seem that fabrics from the same series in different shades transmit sunlight differently. The range of fabrics for roller blinds includes more than 1000 different fabrics with individual patterns, shades and textures, often this is more than enough to select the necessary product for any type of interior. Most of the fabrics are made in light and pastel colors, since these are the main colors of the interior decor and such curtains will not overload the rooms with sharp contrasting colors. For lovers of bright colors, there is also always at least one fabric of each color to choose the desired shade.

The width of the roller blind depends on the selected system and the width of the roll. The calculator on the website will automatically limit the available curtain sizes in width and height. If you were unable to find the necessary system for your size, contact our main office by phone and specialists will help you select the necessary system and fabric for the ideal operation of the product. Size restrictions are necessary to comply with factory production tolerances for the load on the mechanisms; if the curtain is too large, the load on the mechanism increases, as does the weight of the canvas, which in turn negatively affects the life of the product. That is why, for panoramic glazing or when installing large structures in the ceiling, you should first consult with specialists, since they know all the necessary tolerances and weights of various fabrics and will be able to help you choose the necessary fabric according to the finished dimensions of the product.

Installation options for roller blinds

On the wall - in this case, the curtain is mounted over the opening with additional fabric to hide the side gaps. When installing curtains inside the opening, side gaps will appear; the system mechanisms protrude to the sides of the fabric, so there will be less fabric in the opening than the actual width of the curtain. Therefore, when installing curtains, it is recommended to install them exactly on the entire opening in order to cover the entire opening. The classic option is to install the curtain on each sash separately and there will be no gaps either. For large openings when installed on a wall, the system can be additionally equipped with guides that are glued along the edges of the wall and hide the side openings.