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How to choose blinds for loggias and balconies. Types of systems and installation options

Blinds are a practical alternative to curtains. Despite the low cost of blinds, they remain on the sun protection systems market due to their functionality and ease of use, because only blinds have a unique appearance with many horizontal slats.

What are blinds

Blinds are a sun protection system that consists of many strips (lamellas) connected together.

Blinds are divided into several types, but the main ones are vertical or horizontal. These products have fundamental differences, so there is no point in comparing them. Each blind has its own purpose and installation methods. Also, vertical blinds are made of fabric, and horizontal blinds are made of aluminum or natural wood.

Advantages of blinds:

Convenience - control is done by turning the slats, which allows you to set the required level of lighting or close yourself from prying eyes with one turn of the cane.

Privacy - the blinds are not see-through and maintain privacy when closed at any time of the day.

Also, unlike roller blinds, silhouettes are not visible through the blinds, which allows you to safely turn on the light in the room in the evening.

Comfort - thanks to the separate location of each lamella, air easily circulates between them, which is especially important in an office with many employees.

Assortment - White slats are often ordered, but there are many color shades, both among horizontal and vertical blinds. Especially in vertical blinds, there are many fabrics with different textures and light transmission, which allows you to choose blinds not only for the office, but also for home decorating the interior without turning it into an official style.

Easy to install - to install blinds, just secure several brackets and install a cornice on them, after which the product is ready for use. Products arrive fully assembled and ready for use; no additional assembly or system configuration is required.

Appearance - Thanks to the shades and textures of blinds, you can choose a system for even the most non-standard windows and interiors.

Versatility - blinds can be mounted both on the sash and on the window opening, or inside the opening and even on the ceiling. Also, blinds are suitable for all types of windows from wooden frames to metal-plastic structures.

Cost - blinds are one of the most budget-friendly sun protection systems.

Blinds have been in use for a long time and have gone through many modernizations and system optimizations. Today, there are many systems, both classic ones with control using a cane and cord, and mono-controlled blinds with chain mechanisms, as well as slats made of wood and bamboo. This allows you to install perfect systems, both at the dacha and in a presentable office with expensive furniture.

Types of blind systems

If you are wondering how to choose blinds for your balcony, first of all, choose the right system and installation method. The method of measurement and future installation of the product will depend on the chosen system.

Horizontal - can be installed in any premises from offices to apartments or private houses. Blinds are in high demand because they perfectly protect the room from the sun, are practical, and are quite easy to care for.

Vertical - blinds with fabric vertical slats. They are often ordered in light colors for offices and large premises, for example, for a school or kindergarten. When damaged, lamellas can be easily replaced individually without the need to buy a new solid product. Vertical blinds provide good protection from the sun and, thanks to their wide slats, ensure uninterrupted air circulation, which is especially important for large offices. The fabric for blinds is coated with special impregnations that protect it from dust and fading, so that the fabric retains its original appearance.

Pleated is a fabric type of blinds that uses one continuous pleated fabric. When the curtain is opened, the fabric folds into a compact product under the curtain rod and does not take up much space. Pleats are mounted on all types of window frames, including non-standard shaped windows. Pleated fabrics have a wide selection of fabrics and blackout series for complete blackout, which allows you to assemble products day and night for partial and complete darkening of the light opening.

Roller blinds - One of the best options for curtains for balconies and loggias. Roller blinds are compact and easy to install on balcony shutters; several separate systems on the shutters allow you to control the light flux separately on each shutter, which has a positive effect on the level of illumination. Fabric roller blinds have a wide selection of fabrics of various textures and shades; this is one of the most popular types of sun protection, so they have a huge selection, which is constantly updated and supplemented.

Roman blinds - This is a classic version of curtains that captivates with its appearance. The design of Roman blinds has not changed since their creation and is still relevant. Additional varieties have appeared, but the basic principle has remained unchanged. The fabric rises up using special mechanisms and folds into neat waves at the top of the window. The Roman blind always looks chic in any interior and is not only an impeccable decorative element, but also an effective means of sun protection.

Bamboo and wooden blinds - blinds made from natural materials are always the highlight of any interior. They attract the eye thanks to the texture of the wood and the unique texture of the wood on the slats. The only drawback of wooden blinds is the fear of high humidity.

Tip: For a balcony, you should choose aluminum blinds or roller blinds in light colors. Such products protect well from light and are easy to clean if necessary. Considering the large number of sashes on the balcony, these options will be attractive in cost and easy to maintain.

The choice of a solar protection system always depends on you, you know your home better and the required level of lighting in it, so listen to the recommendations, but make the decision yourself so as not to regret the chosen system.

Several recommendations for choosing blinds

Blinds attached to the sash are not installed on aluminum frames. There are special systems for such windows.

If you are interested in non-standard solutions, consider pleated blinds. These are quite non-standard products that appeared on the market not so long ago, so they will definitely surprise your guests and add an interesting twist to the interior. In addition, they are well suited for windows of any size, which is especially useful for balconies with unique sashes configurations.

Roller blinds for balconies are a good choice for ease of use. But pay attention to the opening sashes, because the presence of a cornice in the upper part reduces the opening angle of the windows.

Closed systems in an aluminum box are also well suited for balconies. The box protects the roller blinds from contamination if the fabric is inside. If the curtains will be in the unfolded position most of the time, a simple open system will work well.

Bottom line

There are no specialized systems for balconies. Any sun protection system is installed both on the doors and on the ceiling, which makes it easy to close one or more doors at once. For sliding sashes, curtains are not placed directly on the sashes, otherwise this will interfere with its opening; in such cases, several sashes are closed using vertical blinds installed in the ceiling. Also, not all systems are mounted on aluminum frames due to small gaps between the glasses. Otherwise, there are no restrictions; any system can be easily installed on plastic windows, as well as wooden ones with a wide impost.