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How to choose curtains for a kitchen combined with a balcony

The kitchen can be either classic, small in size, with a window, or with access to the balcony, which is very convenient. But if you have a balcony door in the kitchen, it also needs to be covered with curtains, let's look at how to properly decorate kitchen windows or doors to get maximum functionality, and also decorate the interior with curtains, and not overload it.

Design selection

Before you go to the store, you should decide in advance what the curtains should be. color, texture, density, design and type of system, as well as installation option, on individual doors or on the entire opening.

Let's consider the main priorities:

The color palette and design of the entire composition should be combined with the overall design of the kitchen; you should not choose a color and pattern of curtains that matches the color of the wallpaper, otherwise you will end up with a monochrome design that not everyone will like.
The fabric must have specific characteristics, since in the kitchen there is a high humidity environment and curtains can easily get dirty; they must also be easy to clean. You should immediately abandon curtains with a lot of fabric or multi-layer options.
Curtains separating the balcony and the kitchen are also subject to temperature changes and constant exposure to soot and humidity, so you should choose a fabric that is resistant to aggressive environments.
Curtains made of lightweight fabrics without weights can be thrown by the wind onto a working stove, so if you have windows near work surfaces, you should take a curtain with a fixed fabric.

Synthetic fabrics can also be flame retardant. You should clarify this point before purchasing curtains for the kitchen.

Nuances when choosing curtains

As mentioned earlier, the color scheme directly affects the interior and when choosing a shade, this point should be taken into account because the color and pattern must be combined, although sometimes contrasting curtains also work well, especially in the kitchen, enlivening it and adding bright colors.

There are several defining nuances when choosing fabric:

A small pattern on light curtains can create the feeling of dirty fabric; such a pattern also creates the appearance of a natural fabric, for example linen; also, if the fabric initially has dark patches, then if there is dirt, they will not be so noticeable.
Using vertical stripes, you can visually increase the height of the room as well as the width due to horizontal ones.
If the furniture is contrasting with the wallpaper, then the curtains should be selected to match the color of the furniture in order to highlight the windows against the background of the wallpaper, but at the same time make a contrasting accent on the curtains. When choosing contrasting shades, the curtains should be combined with one of the colors that are already used in the room, otherwise they will stand apart and weigh down the interior.

When choosing a system, options for its installation are considered, for example:

Type of windows and number of sashes. Whether they open or not, and whether there is a door to the balcony.
Door glazing, full or partial. This will influence the choice of fabric and system.
If there is a balcony behind the door, you should consider whether it is open or glazed; if it is glazed, whether there are curtains on the windows or not.
Kitchen dimensions, if the room is small, you should not choose dark shades so as not to visually reduce the already small space. For large rooms there are no particular restrictions; both dark and light fabrics are suitable here and will visually increase the space.
Possibility of decorating space on a wall with a window. If, in addition to curtains, there are additional elements, this can overload the interior.

When choosing a material for curtains, first of all we focus on the practicality of the product and only then on the decor. Therefore, curtains made of cotton, linen or chintz are often selected for the kitchen.

Polyester fabrics are also popular because they have specific properties that are not available to natural materials.

Dust-repellent properties thanks to special impregnations.
UV protection, so fabrics do not fade and color does not fade.
There are series with protection against high temperatures, which is especially important for the kitchen.

Curtains for the kitchen

Before making a decision, imagine what the kitchen will look like, with new curtains trying to imagine the look of the finished interior, this will help you get closer to the main picture and stick to it when choosing fabric. Also, a large selection of designs can push you to unusual experiments.

Roman curtains

Compact products on a cornice with convenient chain control. The advantage of Roman blinds is the ability to remove fabrics for washing, which is important for the kitchen. The Roman style may seem a little more expensive than other options, but the appearance more than makes up for the cost. You can also easily combine curtains on the door and on the window or entire opening to cover the windows in the same style. When choosing a Roman blind, it is better to choose installation for the entire opening, since the larger the curtain, the more beautiful it looks.

Roller blinds

One of the practical types of curtains, the fabric is easy to clean and takes up minimal space. Curtains are installed both on the ceiling and on the wall or in the opening. If there is access to a balcony, the window should be closed with several curtains, individual doors, this creates a complete appearance and allows you to open the door without unnecessary manipulations with the curtains.


The unique design of bamboo sheets cannot be replicated using weaving; bamboo is a very light and yet durable material. bamboo curtains are resistant to fading in the sun and do not absorb moisture. Curtains with bamboo sheets are very compact as they are easily rolled up and do not take up much space. The products are controlled using mechanisms with special cords that easily lift the canvas and fix it at the desired height. Bamboo curtains can be sold in both roller and Roman versions, which allows you to choose products to suit your taste and type of opening.


Vertical system

They open easily and thanks to the weights, the slats do not dangle. The slats are easy to clean and, if necessary, partially replaced. A unique feature of vertical blinds is that you can cover the entire window with one cornice; longer slats are made on the door, and on the window to the height of the window sill, while the product is placed on the opening and covers all the windows at once.

Horizontal system

Comfortable products thanks to aluminum slats; they can easily withstand high temperatures and also do not allow heat to enter the room. Also, air easily circulates between the slats, which allows you to ventilate the windows without completely opening all the blinds. Also, a big plus is the cost of such products; sometimes it’s easier to order a new cornice than to clean old blinds, don’t you believe me? See for yourself, enter the dimensions of your windows into the calculator on the website, and you will see the cost of finished products, which is much lower than all other types of curtains.


The kitchen often requires a large amount of light, as you need to see what is happening, especially during work. Therefore, some people use tulle or very thin roller blinds without any problems. This option allows you to close yourself off from prying eyes during the day and get the maximum amount of light. But there are also nuances: tulle does not work well in the evening, since the light inside the room makes all the silhouettes visible, and sometimes the entire kitchen is visible, which clearly negatively affects the privacy of the owners.

How to make a choice

As we have determined for kitchen decor, there are a great variety of curtains and sun protection systems from fabric to aluminum and even bamboo systems, each of which has its own pros and cons, as well as different appearance and opening principles. Let's consider several decor options that will help you come up with the right thoughts.

Roller blinds are well suited for a small kitchen, where every surface is worth its weight in gold and a curtain will save space, leaving it free on the windowsill. Fabrics with patterns of flowers or leaves can give a small room richness and an interesting appearance, but if you want to visually enlarge the space, you can use vertical blinds from ceiling to floor, which will give the kitchen more height. But vertical blinds will most likely block the window sill, so there will be no permanent access to it.
Roman blinds can cover the entire window opening at once, but it is worth considering that the curtain partially blocks access to the windows and requires a little free space in the window opening. The advantage of a Roman blind is that when using large products, the curtain only looks better, so it is perfect not only for the kitchen, but also in other rooms, for example, in the bedroom or living room.
To achieve simplicity, you can use Japanese curtains. They are not as functional as roll-type ones, but sometimes simplicity has its advantages.
If you want to get closer to classic oversized curtains, it is recommended to use products with eyelets, as they open easily and do not get caught when visiting the balcony, especially if you want to walk freely with a cup of coffee.
Retro-style kitchens can be combined with any curtains; curtains are still a popular option for them. With the right approach, curtains will complement the main style of the kitchen. You can also use two curtains in combination, separately for the door and for the window.
Don’t be afraid to combine different shades and types of fabrics; sometimes asymmetry only adds extravagance to the kitchen. You can use even curtains with symmetrical edges painted in the same tone, but often for the kitchen it is recommended to use a combination of two or three shades, but no more, otherwise you can overload the interior with a variety of color solutions.

If you have a kitchen with a balcony, this is one of the successful solutions that you should not be afraid of when decorating with curtains. This type of kitchen creates a cozy place not only for work, but also for relaxation. Sometimes it’s worth thinking about whether it might be worth covering the balcony with curtains rather than the kitchen; this will free up space and allow you to still comfortably regulate the amount of light in the kitchen.