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How to choose curtains for a private home

The interior of a private or country house often differs from the classic arrangement of apartments, so it requires an individual approach. The decisive role is played by window openings, which are larger in apartments than in private houses, and accordingly the approach is different.

The interior of private houses is often made with a predominance of natural materials, namely lining wood, etc. Modern options such as loft and high-tech are applicable only in apartments or houses within the city. Therefore, for private homes, classic curtain options in the form of jute, bamboo or blinds made of natural wood are used.

Color palette of curtains for a private house

The most obvious choice is the colors of natural materials, that is, bamboo and wood in their natural palette without staining. Or if the interior requires multi-colored solutions, then the canvas is selected in the appropriate color. For houses in modern styles, plain curtains are chosen or with geometric patterns to add variety to the classic interior.

For white interiors, bright curtains are well suited for contrast, or vice versa, if the interior is already quite loaded with interior decoration, non-intrusive light curtains are used that will protect from the sun, but will not attract undue attention.

To select shades, you should select curtains in relation to the lighting of the room, for example, blue or purple curtains are installed on the sunny hot side, cold shades create a cool effect.

On the shaded side, on the contrary, yellow and orange canvases are mounted, which will add a feeling of warmth and more light.

If the windows of the house face an open space, for example, a courtyard, it is better to decorate the room with thick curtains. In turn, if the windows are already blocked from the sun by bushes that shade the room, you should choose transparent fabrics such as tulle or roller blinds with a maximum level of light transmission; such fabrics are necessary to block views from the street, but let in maximum sunlight. In addition to classic fabrics, there are also special functional solutions, for example, screen fabrics, which are used for installation on large panoramic windows; the function of this fabric is one-sided transparency.

That is, from the side of the room the curtains remain transparent, so they are clearly visible from the street, and from the outside the windows are completely closed from prying eyes. But don’t forget about the evening, when the light is on inside the room, the curtain will be visible from all sides.

How to choose the right curtains for small windows

Country private houses often have small windows, so when installing curtains you should pay attention to the canvas. For such windows, light-colored fabrics should be used, or when choosing geometric patterns, they should be small in order to be fully visible on the window; large patterns are not used because only part of the pattern will be placed on the window and the picture will not be logical.

When choosing colors, the shades of curtains should match the interior as much as possible. For example, if the house has a light interior and light walls, then the curtains should differ by no more than a couple of tones, this will make the room larger and let in more sunlight. Since curtains act as light filters, they transmit light and color it in the selected shade of the fabric. Therefore, when choosing white fabrics, the curtain has minimal effect on lighting and creates the impression of maximum light transmission. And when choosing colored fabrics, it is possible to adjust the color of the interior, for example, yellow light green and blue fabric will suitably color the room in the chosen shade. This does not apply to fabrics from the blackout series as they do not transmit sunlight at all and therefore do not affect the color scheme of the room.

Don’t be afraid to combine curtains with curtains; for example, roller blinds or day-night blinds installed on the doors are well suited for combination with curtains installed on the opening. In this case, in addition to visual decoration, it is possible to more accurately regulate the light flux.

Curtains for rooms for various purposes

For the bedroom, it is recommended to use curtains in light or pastel colors because this is a place of relaxation, and the entire accompanying interior is often presented in soothing shades. It is also possible to use blackout fabrics for 100% darkening if it is necessary to ensure sleep during the daytime. Also, blackout fabrics do not transmit light from inside the room in the evening, which hides silhouettes and ensures maximum privacy.

Curtains that are easy to clean and are not afraid of excess moisture are well suited for the kitchen. For this, any polyester fabrics are used, and if the windows are near the work surface, you can even use fabrics with waterproof impregnation to easily wash the fabric.

For a child's room, the choice is quite significant, since many fabrics have bright options that allow you to diversify children's rooms. Even a plain colored fabric will add enough brightness. Also on our website there are fabrics with patterns for various types of interiors. If you want to create a unique curtain for your child with the image of his favorite cartoon or TV series character, there is a photo printing service. The fabric of roller blinds is quite thin and has no lint, which allows you to print an image on it like on canvas. Therefore, you can easily choose any pattern and color of the fabric, and we will print the desired image on the curtains. Photo printing is also used in other rooms, for example, to print views of your favorite city or landscapes that look good in the bedroom, living room, and also in the kitchen.