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How to repair vertical blinds with your own hands

Vertical blinds are, of course, one of the best systems for large window openings, which is why such blinds are installed in schools and kindergartens, as well as in offices with large windows. But over time, such blinds become unusable, the fittings partially break and the slats no longer look the same as on the first day. You should not immediately throw away such products, because vertical blinds consist of many slats that can be easily repaired and give the curtains a second life.

The most common failures of blinds are broken slat weights, broken control cord, broken chains or damaged fabric. There are also options for damage to the mechanisms, but this often concerns the runners and depends on transportation; otherwise, the mechanisms in the blinds are simple and strong enough to withstand long-term use without damage.

Let's consider how to make repairs in case of damage to the blinds

The breakdown of lower weights often involves damage to the side lugs, since the weight itself is a monolithic plastic structure that is quite difficult to break, but the weak point in them is the mounting lugs. The ears can break due to minor impacts against walls or each other, in which case the entire load must be replaced, because such parts cannot be repaired. To replace the weights, just disconnect the chain from them and pull the weight out of the lamella; it is not secured in any way.

After you have gotten rid of the old weights, new ones are installed in their place and secured with a chain.

Pay attention to the width of the lamellas on the product, they come in 89mm or 127mm and the width of the weights must match the fabric. Experienced specialists immediately determine what width it is and order the appropriate components, but if you are doing repairs every couple of years, it is better to check just in case.

A break in the cord or control circuit is a breakdown that occurs either during prolonged use or with excessive force, but often, in order to break the cord, you need to pull it with such force that there is a chance of tearing the curtain rod away from the wall, rather than breaking the cord. If you manage to damage the cords, to replace them you need to remove the curtain rod and thread the cord through the sliders and controls; if the cord breaks, you should not remove it immediately from the curtain rod so that in the future you can easily determine how to thread it correctly.

If the control circuit breaks, the situation is similar with the cord, but threading the chain is much easier; to do this, you need to remove the side cover and take out the gear with the cord, after which a new cord is installed on the gear and the product is assembled in the reverse order. To determine the required length of the chain and cord, it is enough to measure the length of the components that were installed from the factory.

If the lamellas are damaged, there are several options; if they get dirty, you can try washing the fabric, this is not the best option, but in any case, if the fabric gets damaged, you can always replace it with new lamellas.

If the fabric is damaged thoroughly and cleaning does not help, it is enough to order new slats and replace them. To determine the length of the lamellas, you can measure the finished lamellas that are already installed on the product and report the length as overall. When ordering fabric, it is better to choose a similar series, most likely the new fabric will be brighter and more contrasting compared to the old slats, which are partially faded in the sun, but this is better than sitting with damaged, ugly fabric.

Runners are small mechanisms that perform several functions at once: fixing the slats, moving the slats along the cornice and turning around their axis. Often the sliders are quite simple in their design, that is, if they work properly, they do not break on their own. But at the time of delivery, if the cornice is hit by the runners, it happens that they are damaged. If the runners are damaged, it is necessary to almost completely disassemble the cornice to replace it, so such cornices are repaired by the manufacturer so that you do not waste extra time examining the design of the cornice.

If you do not have the time and opportunity to carry out repairs yourself, you can always turn to our specialists for help, and they will repair or produce new spare parts, for example, slats or a ready-made cornice for your blinds. Also on our website there is a large selection of components for repairing blinds with your own hands.