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Do-it-yourself repair of horizontal and vertical blinds

Horizontal blinds are an excellent means of sun protection, and thanks to aluminum components, such products can last a long time, but from time to time some parts of the blinds may fail for various reasons, for example, careless handling or accidents. In this case, you can repair horizontal blinds yourself.

The main types of breakdowns of horizontal blinds
Breakage of the hooks on which the control stick is attached - the hooks are a plastic part that experiences frequent loads and with sudden movements the hooks easily break and it becomes impossible to control the blinds. Hooks secure the canes, which serve to rotate the slats, and without a hook, it will be impossible to turn the slats.
Breakage of the control stick - the stick that is fixed in the control hooks is a rather fragile part of the blinds that can easily break with small impacts or falls.
Damage to the control mechanism - the mechanism is installed in the cornice and to replace it requires partial disassembly of the product.
Breakage of the lower fasteners - at the customer’s request, a lower fixation system can be installed in the lower part of the product; it is required to hold all the slats in the plane of the window.

Hooks and canes for horizontal blinds are the most common parts of the design that do not require disassembling the blinds or special skills for replacement; just hook the new hook onto the mechanism and place the cane in it.

Before replacing components, you must first purchase hooks and canes for blinds, and then install them on the product.

Replacement or repair of clamps - before replacing the clamps, you need to order a lower fixation kit for horizontal blinds; it includes special plugs that are installed on the bottom bar, as well as two latches that are attached to the window frame and hold the product in the plane of the window.

Types of malfunctions of vertical blinds

Repair of vertical blinds differs from other types of products because they have their own design features. Let's look at several options for common breakdowns among vertical blinds.

Broken lower connecting circuit.
Open circuit control.
Replacing fabric weights.
replacement of hangers (hangers) on slats.

You can buy components for repairing vertical blinds on our website in the “equipment” section.

It should be remembered that vertical blinds differ in the width of the slats and, accordingly, their components. To determine what kind of blinds you have, just measure the width of the fabric; it can be either 89mm or 127mm. Now that you have decided which slats you have, you can easily purchase components for vertical blinds at a competitive price.

Let's take a closer look at repair options for major breakdowns of vertical blinds.

If the connecting chain breaks, it is necessary to disconnect it from the fabric weights, thereby freeing up space for a new chain. Please note that the chain in vertical blinds is located on both sides of the product and when replacing it must be replaced on both sides. The chain for 89mm and 127mm blinds differs in the number of hooks; the wider the slats, the farther the hooks will be from each other. Hooks on the chain are necessary to secure the connecting chain to the fabric weights.
Replacing fabric weights. Replacement of the lower weights in vertical blinds is often done due to the breakage of the side ears, which secure the lower chain. Gone, they can be broken off with minor impacts of the slats because the weights are made of plastic, so they can be damaged. To replace the weights, it is enough to disconnect them from the lower chain, and they are easily taken out of special pockets in the fabric, after which new weights are inserted in their place. Please note that it is not necessary to completely replace all the weights on the product; it is enough to replace only the damaged ones.
Replacing hangers - hangers or fabric hangers are sewn into the top of the fabric and are required to secure the slats in the curtain rod. The hangers are replaced in the same way as fabric weights; just remove the old hangers and insert new ones in their place, after which the lamella returns to its place. Please note that hangers are often sewn into the slats in production at the time the slats are made; if the hangers were sewn without additional space, then replacement will not be possible because the new hangers simply will not fit into the slats.
If the control circuit breaks, it is necessary to remove the slats from the cornice to avoid damaging them, after which the cornice itself is dismantled. Next, you need to remove the side plastic cover from the mechanism and dismantle the plastic gear on which the chain is installed. Next, a new chain is put on the gear, and the gear returns to its original place, then the product is assembled in the reverse order, similar to disassembly.

Bottom line. We looked at several popular options for breakdowns of vertical and horizontal blinds. As you can see, repairing the product is quite easy if you have the necessary components. And replacement does not require special skills; just use the instructions on our website and that will be enough.